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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Once Upon A Domain Master: Will The dotCOM Bubble Burst?l

Before becoming a celebrity blog commenter, Jeff Schneider was very fussy about the blogs on which he left comments. 

As one of the very first domain blogs out there, I had the pleasure of being one of his favorites.

Five years ago, known as "Domain Master", (which I guess implies indentured servitude to the Domain King), he left some insightful tidbits on this blog which I have dug up for your Sunday evening continuing education and pleasure.

Domain Master has left a new comment on your post "Gold In Them Internet Hills": 


This is like asking if businesses will no longer be formed. 

The very fact that the hot marketing tool called User channels has been fast evolving into the preferred path to success, is no secret. We arguably have the finest address example in the industry. Action verbs like use are invaluable points of interest when combined with meaningful words.

We are forming a winning team of participants. When the timing is right we will launch. If you are interested in the excitement let us know.

Thank you for the post!

Gratefully, Jeff Schneider / 

Good point that is widely thought in our Domaining community. Its just that we think and their EGO will negate this thought from ever happening. does not want to give Domaining community anymore credit for their genius than they are already receiving.

Just my Humble Observance.

Gratefully Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) Domain Master has left a new comment on your post "PPC Advertisers Redirecting Budgets To Facebook": 

Domain Master has left a new comment on your post "Video: Why Seizing Your Domains Is Unconstitutiona...": 

Hello Owen,

Until common law rule, overides corporate law rule. We as in most middle class people will chaffe at the indentured servant role that corporations want the middle class to conform to.

This is not about conformity it is about total control. We have people in our government who are not representing the middle class.

How many countless business owners have been dissed and destroyed in the name of National Security?

Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) 

Hello Owen,

It comes as no surprise to us that she jumped ship to the ship of fools. Madison Avenue long ago missed the boat with shunning prime .com Business Addresses. Domain Names are the key to unlocking the Marketing Power of the Internet, NOT FARCEBOOK !

Once again A Madison Avenue Pundit gets it totally wrong! 

Time will prove us right, not because we are so bright, but because we follow powerfull underlying Market Forces, not FADS.

Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) 

And his most recent comment left in mutiple threads and places:

The Online Business expansion is being held hostage by SEO Manipulated Search Engine Marketing. 

Picture an infinite laned highway with only one entrance ramp? 

This in effect is the only option SEO Manipulated Search Engine Marketing supplies to businesses begging to be found in cyberspace.

Full Optimal Internet Expansion can never be achieved through SEO Manipulated Search Engine Marketing.More and more web businesses will be stranded and isolated in cyberspace, never to be found because of the Search Engines Foundationally and Fundamentally Flawed Achilles Heal, called (Market Saturation Obsolescence) 

The SEO Manipulated Search Platform by its very design is the big problem. Any Business Locator system that has to be manipulated to find your business is not a direct and honest solution. 

Google knows what Google knows what ( Market Saturation Obsolescence) means, by being victim to it. Why do you think they are going to type-ins themselves. Get ready to hear about this very crippling subject,more and more over the years to come.

(Market Saturation Obsolescense) is caused by the massive amount of illegitimate SEO manipulated data that is dumped into the Search Engine Experience.It literally bastardizes information supplied to people searching for your business through a Search Engine. End-Users who trust being found In cyberspace through the Search Engine Centric Marketing Model, suffer the consequences.

We are especially concerned with the whole foundational Dysfunction of ALL Search engines inability to efficiently locate Businesses legitimately. SEO Manipulators are just a part of this highly inefficient system employed by Search engines in locating businesses with their totally dysfunctional and by the way obsolesced Marketing Function. The SMART money will be going around them more and more.Count on it !

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