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Friday, May 24, 2013

Add Three BIG Brains and Suddenly The Domain Blog Landscape Is Looking Much Lusher

Blogging is hard work that sucks allot of time and is often a thoughtless job because regardless of how good you are sponsors hard to find and critics are plentiful.

Last year this time Mike Cohen at (who since took his own leave of absence from blogging and has just returned) was getting homesick for some of the great thought leader bloggers of times past— Larry Fisher, Frank Schilling and Sahar. He writes: "I know that pretty much 9 times out of 10 once somebody quits and/or quietly disappears then that is going to be the end result. Fate has been sealed. Rarely do the big dawgs come back and give it another go. Sorry little fella, but that is what it is! All those people’s views and contributions to the domaining biz are irreplaceable of course because they were at the top of the game for so long and had tons of hands-on experience. There has been a few decent new blogs pop up this last year or so, but none of them are of the same quality… Let me just say, well… What’s the right word I am looking for here…. ?"

Well maybe the word you are looking for Mike was "pigeon shit"? There I said it.

But not anymore.

Enter Zak Muscovitch, the principal of The Muscovitch Law Firm which operates 

Though mainly under the radar until a case with a well known blogging aggregator, Zak has practiced international domain name law since 1999, for clients all over the world.

Photo via Zak Muscovitch
Zak was lead counsel in numerous precedent-setting court cases such as the case (2000), wherein he successfully defended against the first attempt in Federal Court to obtain an interlocutory injunction against a domain name registrant. Zak was defence counsel in the case (2001), the first decision to establish the convenient forum for international domain name disputes involving a Canadian domain name registrar. Zak was instructing counsel for the registrant of the defendant domain name in the case (2002), which was the first in rem decision under the United States Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. Zak was counsel in the first Canadian court case overturning an ICANN UDRP commenced by Molson in the case (2002). Zak was lead counsel in the case (2008), wherein he defended a descriptive domain name by successfully obtaining the cancelation of a plaintiff's trademark for "Cheap Tickets" in a proceeding which went all the way to the Federal Court of Appeal.

Now here is a guy who made his bones and knows his stuff who is filling a much needed void for legal blogging that till now only Howard Neu occasionally (great post Howard on Facebook last week btw,) and Enrico Schaeffer has met without much widespread distribution. Enrico has expert advioce on his site, much in audio form so you can lunch and learn or listen and learn while commuting.

I have tried to get various legal sponsors of this blog to submit guest columns, but they are all too busy in court.

So Zak I salute you for taking time from, your busy schedule to opine on such important and diverse topics as well as choosing Blogger as your platform to disseminate widely— demonstrating your understanding Google's little secret that makes it better suited to what we do (that alone tells me you are a notch ahead in legal verse).

  1. Domain Name Lease Agreements Are Like Starbucks Coffee
  2. When is a Domain Name Dispute Outside the Scope of the UDRP?
  3. You Be a UDRP Detective: Was This Cybersquatting or Reverse Domain Name Hijacking?

After a Decade of Trial and Failure Coupled With Insurmountable Health Challenges— Then Success— Domain Picks Is Our Best Pick For A Blog To Go For The Best Pickens In All of Domaining

While aliasing under Steven Tyler's ugly mug, the beautiful mind behind the blog Domain Picks (offline at press time which will limit what we say now- check back for expanded version) is an old colleague of mine from the early days of Rick's board. If you want 100% authentic no bullshit, take it from Mark. I didn't know what happened to him since those early days and about the brave journey he opened up his heart to share in a post that moved me to tears. It's been a long road back for Mark and he's a brave little soldier. He never once took his eye off the prize or lost believe in himself.

Unlike some that start a blog and start bragging and writing books then two years later write another book to tell folks who bought the book to do a 180 because it took the author those years to realize that everything he was both doing and preaching in past books was wrong, Mark didn't start dispensing advice until he knew it was right. Don't miss a day of Mark's muse because he DOES know how to pick em'

We Don't Spot Talent and Recognize Them As Domaining's Most Fascinating People For  Not

The third  new blogger beautifying our blogging landscape is also among Frager Factor's "Most Fascinating People" nominees from, 2010, Andrew Rosener of Media Options

To spite unshering a new daughter into the world and needing more time for family, Andrew has taken to the keyboard to fill aa gap in end user perceptions, specifically to help end users better understand what domains are worth and why not all brokers are alike or rather how Media Options is different.

This successful and high-powered broker is doing what I've been bitching that most brokers have long lacked marketing with a capital M. Instead of order takers as most brokers are (getting paid for being in the right place at the rice time) Andrew is a true order maker or in his case RAIN MAKER who knows how to take a listing and get the results you need. I know that not from him having sold a domain of mine, but from his aggressive interrogation of me knowing in my social circles lies introductions to decision influencers for deals he has in house.

Andrew relaxes on a Saturday Morning
with the future President of Panama
Mila Sophia Rosener
Andrew's a lot wiser for these experiences, living now with his wife in Panama City far off the shores of the U.S, growing his company, MediaOptions, which he calls "the most effective domain broker in the industry." Proof of point: with just one employee, Media Options has sold over $21 million in domain names since January 2011. Among the sales: more than half a million for, the largest numeric domain sale in history. Dx.comfollowed soon, developed as a deal exchange aggregator of daily deals and sold to another aggregator site. He's brokered "instant intuitives" like,, owns several 2-letter and 2-digit domains, and has recently launched

He characterizes MediaOptions as a premium boutique service, but it goes enough beyond that to rate as the largest and most successful independent domain broker in the business - with a special focus on insurance, credit, ecommerce, and lead generation. It all happens a few footsteps away from the Pacific Ocean, and a scant 30 miles from the Atlantic. "When we started MediaOptions, we knew we could do it anywhere. I came to Panama in 2002 for a month to visit a college friend and fell in love with it. The country's been on the U.S. dollar for a hundred years, it's a safe, stable democracy, American-friendly, beautiful climate, a terrific communications infrastructure. Panama City is the banking and financial center of Latin America, with 176 banks, skyscrapers - this is anything but a banana republic. It's perfect for business, for young entrepreneurs."

In a short time on his blog Andrew has already built an impressive body of work. Posts like:

  • Who knows the current potential resale value of your home better than a real estate agent? 
  • Domain Appraisals for One Word Domains & Premium Domains
  • Outsourcing Your Web Site Development Using Freelancers
  • Domains: A Golden Egg at Tax Time 
  • A Tale of Two Startups... Startups

In his first post "trying to choose a domain name to start your business?" he argues "When starting a business with an online presence, how do you choose a domain name? When you start a business, you need customers, you need to be found. Where will they find you? And how will they find you? Your startup's domain name is your online "location, location, location..." There's no manual for real estate location planning broken down by business type. There's no checklist or flow chart"

So far he's been featured on DomainSherpa, mentioned in Forbes... Andrew is on a roll and having a blog will help fuel his social influence and will get him on the radar of influential reporters.

It's great to see true additions to the blogging pool filling its gaps with these three narrowly targeting subjects needing to be brought center stage, Congratulations to Mark, Zak and Andrew for kicking my morning start up half dozen notches!

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