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Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Birthday To The Most Overlooked Inventor Of All Time; The $4.3 Million Nutty Professor; 80,000 bees '3B print' a bottle

Wednesday was inventor Nikola Tesla's 157th birthday. Plus: The gTLD Name collision; Computer Hand-Built in Steve Jobs' Parents' Garage Sells For $387,750 and … 

Move over Shark Tank: Kickstarted Pebble Boasts More Than 190,000 Pre-Orders. Kickstarter is one of the web's greatest success stories (in terms of how someone used the collaborative technologic capabilities to make possible what was not possible before)

If you think modern Apple computers are expensive, prepare to have your mind blown. During a 16-day online auction that ended on Tuesday, Christie's sold 10 old Apple computers and accessories, and they fetched some outrageous prices.

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