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Friday, August 23, 2013

"Global Warming Drivel" The Skeptic Decried

And the wizard replied:

"You should explain that to the 100,000 firefighters in USA fighting over 60 major fires in 10 states while trying not to be burned live like the 19 members of the hot shot team in Arizona.

"Or explain it to the loggers in Canada who are facing ruin as the forests are blighted by pine beetles surviving the milder winters.'

Or the Inuit whose houses are disappearing as the permafrost tundra melts."

"Or the Australians who had to extend their color coded temperatures charts to accommodate unprecedented temperatures above 45 C Or ,,,

"Or to the entire populations of cities in Russia and Alaska that are now permanently buried underwater."

"Tell it to the Jersey Shore."

Oh forget, ignorant clowns like you obviously live under a wet stone.


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