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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Litmus Test For Buying A Great Name by Rick Schwartz and Chris Goh

Observe the Reasons to buy a GREAT domain and a Litmus Test 
To Avoid Buying A Bad One. by Rick Schwartz and Chris G (aka Bull Shit Domains!)

Top 11 Reasons Why Domain Names Are a Great Investment 
  1. Domain names tell people specifically where to find you on the Internet.
  2. A Good Domain name presents a more professional image and can support and even build your Brand in the Marketplace 
  3. Domain names are unique – nobody else can own your domain name 
  4. Annual cost is just $10 to renew your domain name 
  5. Domain names can be easily shared with others via Word of Mouth 
  6. Direct traffic to your domain name costs you nothing 
  7. Search engines rank websites with relevant domain names higher 
  8. Domain names like any business asset can add value to your business at time of sale 
  9. Owning multiple domain names relating to your business can increase traffic and the number of qualified site visitors that you receive 
  10. Owning multiple Domain names blocks competition from entering into your space and increases the value of your business to potential buyers 
  11. Pound for Pound , a superior Web Address is the most Powerful form of Perpetual Advertising any company can 

10 Buy Questions To Benchmark Against Your Assumptions 
  1. Is it easy to spell? I mean EASY! The masses can't spell. 
  2. Is it easy to remember? 
  3. Will it look good on a billboard or in a commercial? 
  4. Will it pass the radio and SIRI tesst? 
  5. Is it commercial or social? 
  6. Does it mean something just standing alone? 
  7. Can the domain go up in value by 100x? by 1000x 10,000x? 
  8. Is this a retail price or a wholesale price? 
  9. Are the other extensions taken? 
  10. Does it get ANY traffic or make ANY income consistently? 
  11. Is it a plural when it should be a singular? Or is it a singular when it should be plural? 
  12. Will there be mistypes? If you buy a .net and build it without owning the .com how much traffic will you lose?
  13. If I decide I don't want the domain anymore is it good enough to be liquid? 
  14. Are there other related domains that would help or hinder? 
  15. Is this the best domain I can find for the money? 
  16. Can I use the money in a better way? 
  17. Does it add value to your overall portfolio? 
  18. Could you open a business around that domain name? 
  19. Is the traffic type in or is it coming from any other way? 
  20. Could you envision a large company using that domain in a national ad campaign?

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