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Sunday, December 22, 2013

As Another Year Closes, A New Door Opens

For anyone going into the New Year facing adversity or as a reminder to those who take for grant it their status quo, here's some advice from a reader- beautiful, touching and inspirational for anyone facing tough times:

==> Karen writes:
One thing I've come to realize is that nothing in life is in a permanent state. After experiencing divorce, job loss, the loss of my son... and then finding a wonderful love, a fulfilling job, experiencing the births of my two precious grandsons... I've learned to treasure the good things. 

Beautiful moments are gifts to savor. Bad ones will pass. 

Conditions of life are in a constant state of flux. 

With every door that closes, another opens. It's a rolling road of ups and downs, hills and valleys, struggling climbs with a few screaming, exhilarating downhills in the mix. 

We never know what may be around the next curve, but it's better to roll with it than resist change. 

There are lessons to be learned in all we experience.

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