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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Should Rick Schwartz Have To Put A Dollar In The Swear Jar Every Time He...

For every time he blogs about gTLDS after he promised he wouldn't anymore with his "last-ever" post that contradicted itself by igniting a series of MORE gTLD posts that followed. How about $1 per measured visitor donated to charity a year from now?

Last night a commenter on his post admitted he had already spent thousands on the gTLDS. The only purpose Rick serves at this point is to be gTLD'S greatest salesman. Because when newbies read someone saying they invested thousands, that plants a seed that it's ok and thus the subliminal sucker punch is executed for the umpteenth time in domaining history.

Einstein said if you put your hand on a hot stove you might do it a second time but if you do it a third you are clinically insane. We're all sick domain f-u-ks repeating bad and money-losing behavior.

By contrast, Einstein said, put you hand on a hot girl and you'll never take it off.

Think of the trusty, premium non-pigeon dot com as your hot girl and everything else as a hot stove and no more discussion on this topic should ever be required.

Of course, in my dreams that will happen. That's why you can always bet on two things: Cher coming back out of retirement and Rick talking gTLDs.

Now shut the f-k up and chill for the holidays with this great holiday album. Enjoy!

PS Love you Rick!

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