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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Can Domain Sellers Learn From The REAL Wolfe of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort? TONS!

This is just one example made on my now significantly UPDATED Frank Schilling Talks Sexy post, that show you why studying how these sales are made in the real world and how the applications differ from the first thing you'd think a name would attach to- are the best way to ensure you price and market your domains for maximum value.
Would you image a Facilities management company in Australia named Strata buying It exemplifies when your brand name doesn't express what you do, exact match domains are the only way to increase advertising response and advance Google position. This end user benefit has nothing to do with traffic or CPC and I for the life of me continue to be dumbfounded and my stomach turns when brokerages in this day and age advertise these insider domainer-to-domainer trading stats, and do not know how to sell based on real-world needs. I suggest watching the Wolf of Wall Street where Jordan Belfort suggests every end user contact starts with questions to uncover needs and not a sales pitch to tell them what you think they need. If you missed him on Piers Morgan check out the interview HERE if you don't see it below

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