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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

eBay Billionaire Pierre Omidyar Invests $250 Million in Snowden Tell All Startup— The Intercept (.com)

Domain connection may hint at the big reveal Snowden has up his sleeve... developing

So... the Edward Snowden / Glenn Greenwald truthteller website called The Intercept (get it) can be found following a quick NDA acquisition and redirect of from previous owner Jack Waldron, Sound and Fury Productions whose claim to fame is as 911 truther and documentary filmmaker and dot TV investor.

Does this domain purchase and link imply there is a 911 truth revelation coming from Snowden and government documents themselves. That might explain why amnesty could be on the table for Snowden and his mouthpieces like Greenwald to shut their traps fast! But I digress...

According to its website: "The Intercept, an online a publication of First Look Media, edited by Greenwald and fellow journalists Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill and backed by billionaire eBay founder, Pierre Omidyar, made its much-anticipated debut early Monday morning. Its first article was written by Greenwald and Scahill, and looked at the NSA's role in the U.S. drone strike program. The Intercept,  was created by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill. It has a two-fold mission: one short-term, the other long-term.

Our short-term mission is to provide a platform to report on the documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Although we are still building our infrastructure and larger vision, we are launching now because we believe we have a vital obligation to this ongoing and evolving story, to these documents, and to the public.

Our NSA coverage will be comprehensive, innovative and multi-faceted. We have a team of experienced editors and journalists devoted to the story. We will use all forms of digital media for our reporting. In addition, we will publish primary source documents on which our reporting is based. We will also invite outside experts with area knowledge to contribute to our reporting, and provide a platform for commentary and reader engagement.

Our long-term mission is to produce fearless, adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues. The editorial independence of our journalists will be guaranteed. They will be encouraged to pursue their passions, cultivate a unique voice, and publish stories without regard to whom they might anger or alienate. We believe the prime value of journalism is its power to impose transparency, and thus accountability, on the most powerful governmental and corporate bodies, and our journalists will be provided the full resources and support required to do this.

While our initial focus will be the critical work surrounding the NSA story, we are excited by the opportunity to grow with our readers into the broader and more comprehensive news outlet that the The Intercept will become."

The Intercept is the latest in a recent trend of top Journalists leaving The Washington Post, the Guardian and others for their own branded online play. Nate Silver, Ezra Klein etc.

Nate Silver and Ezra Klein, the wonder-wonks of brand-name journalism, both announced new hires to their respective analytical news enterprises on Wednesday.

Silver, who is relaunching his FiveThirtyEight site with the backing of ESPN, has hired NPR economics reporter Lisa Chow to serve as features editor and host of the site's podcast. He has also hired Ritchie King, a visual journalist at Quartz. That brings his total editorial staff to 17.

Klein, who is launching a news organization with the backing of Vox Media, has brought over Max Fisher, who anchored The Washington Post's WorldViews foreign affairs blog, and two of his former Wonkblog colleagues: Brad Plumer, who covered economic policy, and Sarah Kliff, who covered health care policy. Klein's total editorial staff is now 11.

Kudos to Mike Berkens for first seeing value in and scooping up domains with "the" preferences.

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