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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RIP 4G and 4G Domains- 5G is HERE

The Upcoming Dawn of 5G
Just a decade ago, it wouldn’t be surprising to have to search for a mobile cellular signal. But today, locking on to a high-speed data source over the air is as simple as powering on. The next standard of wireless connectivity – 5G – has the potential to provide a massive upgrade, with faster transfers that might enable amazing things for both industry and individuals.

Invested in Development
The promise of 5G has the international technology community incredibly excited. Nations like India and Israel are coming together to put some muscle behind the development of the technology necessary to host this powerful new network. The Times of India reports that the two nations are aiming to combine their talent and capital in order to make the new standard a reality sooner. This overt enthusiasm for 5G is not only on display at the governmental level. The Independent notes that Chinese electronics giant Huawei is pouring $600 million into the development of 5G technology, while educational institutions like the University of Surrey have been successful in securing £35 million to construct a 5G innovation center.

The Promise of Supersonic Speed
These investments are big because the potential of an advanced network is so great. What if you could get updates from your smartphone 1,000 times faster than you do today? With 5G, it could be possible. In the European Union, GigaOm reports, a group of technology companies and universities are working with a $21.2 million grant that aims to investigate the potential for 5G to be a “super-dense network.” This type of network could conceivably remove the need for phones to communicate with cell phone towers, relaying data in a cloud that encompasses every device on the network, and vastly increasing the efficiency of information movement.

Improving Industrial Automation
Obviously, the benefits of a hyper-advanced network like 5G extend far beyond being able to tweet and email your friends at a record clip. In factories around the world, companies are using more data than ever to improve their operations and ensure workers are safe. On a network that allows data to move at rates heretofore unseen, companies like Emerson that are already invested heavily in innovative business-critical data operations will better be able to ensure that big data translates into better work.
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