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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

In The News: Merlin Kauffman Compared To Richard Branson (With Good Reason); Why I Stopped Getting Tattoos

Desktop Metal Is Now a Unicorn After $115M Series D; The future of money— What if banks didn’t exist? An Early Warning Sign to Change Your Social Media Strategy; A "toxic brew" of automation and global competition threatens to devastate many local labor markets, tech may replace half of all low-skilled jobs in the U.S; ince 2000, a whopping 46 percent of department store jobs have vanished; A Solar Eclipse Could Wipe Out 9,000 Megawatts of Power Supplies; 12 Things I See Happy People Do (that unhappy people do not) and.. China mall introduces 'husband storage' pods for shopping wives  (FYI- Frager Factor was proud to be one of the first blog to feature Merlin Kauffman. Our article is often used as source material in these more recent articles. Read it HERE and his DOMAIN story HERE)

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