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We have showcased on the Frager Factor, recently completed re-branding assignments by our parent company, The Frager Creative Group, for The Forrest Solutions Group,,, Epik's First Pioneer Award Tribute Video and Lanai Hospitality Partners. We also conceived of the tagline "Better Results For Local Business" and other messaging for the Shop City Group, and helped Sunview Software distill its entire website down to a 13-word, 73-character value proposition-- "IT Service Management Software: Enterprise features you need. On the budget you have." (In the 12 months since we aided Sunview's messaging and communication tools, the company increased its customer base by 45 percent and now has 400-plus deployments.).

Currently we have major brands on outsourced marketing retainers who rely on me as their defacto CMO. We had a hand in messaging strategy, social media, call-to-action digital campaigns and the writing of this INC 500 website for a company that has since had 400% sales growth and national expansion to 57 cities, and this High Tech b2b website. I also ghost write. I also manage several CEO Blogs like. We also consult in the Print Management and Financial Software trading spaces HERE and HERE.

And of course, on-call to Madison Avenues top creative executives, every day we are naming, companies, services and products for Fortune 500 brands.  MORE Coming Soon To Happy Feet Near You (Read Latest Press Release)

Champion The Cause of a Better Planet. Sponsor EarthChamps.

A recent study claimed that 94% of consumers would switch brands to support a cause. Headlines and images from the Gulf of Mexico prove every day that it’s time for someone to rally the interests of environmental leadership. EarthChamps is the perfect banner for that cause and we are seeking a marquee sponsor to make it their own.

About The Author: Owen Frager is an Internet marketing expert ready to help take your company to the next level.

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