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Monday, November 18, 2019

Documentary Showcases Future Internet Moguls Growing Big Ideas On .CO Domain

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship, kicks off today – and so too does the latest .CO annual worldwide campaign in support of GEW and the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs who hustle hard every day to bring their big ideas and dreams to life.    

From November 18th through the 24th, GEW will touch the lives of more than 10 million people through 35,000 unique events, activities and competitions taking place in over 170 countries.  In support of GEW, Neustar is launching a new worldwide campaign called “We Run on .CO,” which shares the stories of some of the innovative, exciting startups, creatives and entrepreneurs who are building the future on .CO. 

To showcase the incredible impact that the .CO top level domain has had on the global startup community, we commissioned a film crew to crisscross the world filming short micro-documentary interviews with .CO community members in some of the cities with the most thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems, including: San Francisco, London, Medellin, New Delhi, Melbourne and New York City. The interviews feature the stories of the founders behind some of the most interesting new startups, early stage ventures, and emerging powerhouse brands. 

In all, the digital campaign will feature seven micro-documentaries, showcasing these high-impact entrepreneurs:
·, Medellin, Colombia
·, San Francisco, California
·, London, United Kingdom
·, New Delhi, India
·, Melbourne, Australia
·, New York, New York
·, London, United Kingdom

“We are so excited to launch the We Run on .CO campaign, highlighting the inspiring community of creators, businesses and brands who are building their ideas on the .CO global platform,” said Lori Anne Wardi, VP of Branding for Neustar Registry Solutions. “More than a web utility, Colombia’s .CO TLD has become a dynamic, global digital brand – a platform where the brilliant ideas of a thriving community of innovators and entrepreneurs are coming to life each and every day.”

.CO is the domain for innovators and risk takers, hustling hard and turning ideas into reality. In fact, according to a global report released by Cisco Umbrella last month, .CO is the fifth most used TLD globally based on web traffic rankings. While global giants such as Google ( and, Twitter ( and Apple ( were early adopters of the .CO domain, “it’s the new generation of startups that are staking a claim in this unique space where craftsmanship and artistry rule, diversity is key and people are the most important currency,” said Kristin Johnson, Global Director of TLD Marketing at Neustar.  Johnson goes on to say, “we are proud to feature some of the exciting businesses and brands that are building the future of the internet on .CO -- disrupting the status quo and making their mark on the world.”

The video and campaign assets will be promoted via a holistic, integrated global marketing campaign, including placement in major online publications in Colombia and worldwide including, Entrepreneur, Venture Beat, MSN  and Smart Company, among others. You can view the teaser video for the We Run on .CO global campaign at


Friday, November 01, 2019

Here’s What to Do Now With Crushed Marijuana Stocks

Today: Apple, iPhone, LinkedIn, Bitcoin Mining, Google, Being Alone, SMS Malware

Do you accept every LinkedIn connection requests that comes your way   

Don’t confuse loneliness with time by yourself.


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Analyst Calls 2,400% – 4,900% Bitcoin Moonshot

Today: Bitcoin, Trojan Malware, iPhone, App Store, BTC, Crypto, Tim Cook, Facebook, Clicker, Online Influencers, Face data lawsuit,

Billions are paid to social-media personalities to pitch products in an influencer economy riddled with deceit


Monday, October 28, 2019

Seo Advantages of Domain Names; Mysterious Space Plane Lands

Today: Space, .CA, Domain Names, SEO, Bitcoin, Drones, FED


It now has a "highly-secure solid state digital storage solution."

So small that it doesn’t require FAA approvalhttps://www-theverge-

The unmanned orbiter breaks its own record for time spent in space.

Brock Murray of digital marketing agency seoplus+ lays out the connection between domain names and local search.


Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Click Fraud is Killing Your Earnings and ROI & ... New Inductees To Internet Hall of Fame

Today a big diverse platter of goodness: Ginormous Alien-Hunting Telescope, Cannabis, Sports, CBD, Painkillers for Athletes, Internet Hall of Fame, China, Exits, Latinos, Click Fraud

There's almost no data on how the cannabis extract works in humans, but the sports world is embracing it anyway.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Investors: Psychedelics Having a Similar Run as the Cannabis Boom.. & Is Cannabis Ruining Your Teeth?

Today: Psychedelics, Cannabis, Investing, Naming, Branding, Health. All Birds, Amazon, Brain-Computing, Disney, Bob Iger, Bruce Linton, CTRL-labs

Former Canopy Boss Says the Psychedelics Industry Has Huge Upside
“There’s probably untapped value, which will only go to the people who are at the beginning and bold”

eating less animal protein , increasing vegetables and fruit in your diet, heart attacks, strokes, cancers, causes of death, bioflavonoids, mortality , green tea, red meat

Everybody is making mistakes in the professional life. And doing mistakes when you must name a new product is a very common thing. There’s no problem in making mistakes. But, there’s no excuse to make the same mistake twice if you have the possibility to learn how to proceed differently this time.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

What's in A Name? Ohio State, Obamas, LeBron James... All Entangled In Domain Disputes

Today: Israel Spies on Trump; Trademark Disputes, Social Media manipulation, Cambridge Analytica, Google No Follow links, SEO, McDonalds, Ohio State, Obamas, Higher Ground, LeBron James

The likely Israeli spying efforts were uncovered during the Trump presidency, several former top U.S. officials said.

Present Realities and Emerging Trends 

Ohio State University's trademark application for the word "THE" has been refused by the USPTO. The USPTO found that:

1. @OhioState is not using the word "THE" as a trademark.

2. Marc Jacobs filed an application for "THE" before Ohio State made its filing. 

SEO update: Those who depend on "nofollow" solely to block a page from being indexed will now need to block ULRs using a different method such as robotstxt, meta tags or password protection. Also, “sponsored” & “ugc” tags are new.

Hanisya Massey’s computer training firm is coming up against the former first couple’s similarly named production company. Sorting it out could take years.

The Fasken heirs own land in the heart of the Permian Basin.

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