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Friday, April 06, 2007

9 Years Later, My Domain Pitch Starts To Make Sense

A passage:
The Future Changes The Web

Long-distance bigger-picture thinking in choosing your domain now will win you the future.

All of our domains we're created for long-term viability and success. They address the web of the not-to-distant future--which will not delivered by a computer as we know it today, nor will it based on the early web advertising revenue-based model that the first dot com failures are proving wrong.

Rather, the web of the future will be received on a variety of appliances -- all having the bandwidth to make every domain holder with content, their own broadcast network. No longer will you type a name in, you will speak it. This will broaden the Internet's reach to a whole generation of consumers who have lacked the computer skills or courage to embrace technology. With that in mind, an appropriate domain of the future might read more like a movie title than the short generic domains that are getting all of the attention now.

This was not a prediction. Long before anyone heard of the word domain, I was naming best-selling products and services for Alcatel. Formerly known in part as ITT, Alcatel today is a $60 billion global company whose technologies and patents are at the core of the Internet economy.

Over a career with Alcatel and another decade at the helm of Frager Creative, I conceived of monikers for Alcatel, brands, programs, software and services that have generated multibillion dollar revenues and continue to earn monthly residuals around the world. In 1988, we field tested and named the game changer that's finally ready for prime time. You can see the Alcatel videos and the Friden case study on the right navigation.

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