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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Direct Response or Tagline Domains: The Biggest Untapped Opportunity in Advertising Today

An effective domain name is more than your business name with ".com" on the end. And it's more than a brand for a business that exists only on the Internet.

Here in the most direct marketing medium ever invented, the most effective domain name serves as that one element vital to the success of all direct marketing: a memorable call to action. It tells the prospect in an easy-to-remember way what to do next or where to go for information, to request a demo or place an order.

And because this kind of domain name relates to a specific offer, promotion, product line or service, it doesn't have to match your company name ... and you don't have to rename your business to make best use of it .

So today, in this first of a series, a big salute to the brands, and their agencies too, who have gotten it right.
American Express -
AstraZeneca -
Audi -
Burger King -
DAngelo -
Dasani -
Dominos Pizza -
Eli Lilly -
Federal Express -
Frager Creative-

If you haven't, we can help. Anticipating this need, in 1999, we conceived and registered over 5000 tagline domains that can be applied to your advantage. Isn't there something they can be doing for you?

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