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Thursday, August 30, 2007

When I Was 17, It Was a Very Good Year

Building on my recent sermons about "there may never be another opportunity like this again" and the power of teen mentality online, here's some inspiration from this 17 year old entreprenuer who makes $70,000 a month on a Myspace layouts site.

I know two designer friends who made $70,000 a year, got laid off when their agency outsourced to India and have been sending out resumes for an eternity with no clue what they can do. This could ruin their day. Or make it.

As for my domain friends who think success begins and ends with Overture scores, and would pass on a domain like, and never see the words being about web design, consider Ashley has the multi-million advertisers like movie studios buying space for video ads on her site. Eventually you will need more than a domain- you will need a central idea. Operators will be standing by.

Update- She later sold company for $25 Million while News Corp lost $550 Million!

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