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Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Too Funny: Jail Mystery Meet

Via dlisted: Parasite Hilton was on David Letterman last night and he seriously grilled her ass. Paris once again switched from her deep voice to her baby voice, because bitch is insane. For most of the interview Dave kept asking her about jail and she finally said she didn't want to talk about it anymore, because she's moved on. Dave then basically tells her it's the most interesting thing about her. At that point an audience member shouts "I Love You Paris!" and she blows a kiss to him. Without skipping a beat Dave responds with, "Did you meet him in prison?"

Paris then whines and does a stupid pout and tells David not to not make her regret coming on.

Paris apparently burst into tears after the show (it taped on Tuesday). Her people told Dave's people she will never do his show again.

dlisted continued:Dave is fucking right. The most interesting thing about this skank is her whole jail saga. Nobody cares about her perfume, clothing line or stupid movie! Even when she talks about her new movie the audience starts laughing at her ass! This bitch needs to check herself and realize she's a joke and always will be. She's made a lot of money being the joke and there's nothing wrong with that.


O'Reilly On Critics

"If I Could Strangle These People And Not Go To Hell And Get Executed ... I Would"


Solar Tree by Ross Lovegrove

Solar Tree is a solar-powered street lighting systemdesigned by Ross Lovegrove for the Museum for Angewandte Kunst (MAK) in Vienna. The lighting has been engineered by Artemide in collaboration with Sharp Solar.


A Slender Tower Rises in the Heart of San Francisco


Catch a Flick

Cruise downtown and park yourself at DRV-IN—Manhattan's only drive-in cinema. Seven days a week, twice a night, passengers are transported to another time and place. Under starry skies and the foliage of a potted oak tree, guests watch classic films in a one-of-a-kind 1965 Ford Falcon convertible. With seating for six and a full concession stand, this unique theater setting is one of the Lower East Side's most intimate experiences. Starting with films from 1960 and progressing chronologically each night, DRV-IN speeds through four decades of cinematic achievement. Scheduled screenings sold out fast—at $75 a pop. But now a few are up auction at eBay..


Making of the Human Flip Book


Success= Look for Problems You Can Solve

Seth Godin nails it with his observation of the opportunity ZipCar in this line at Avis.

Attract people in trouble-->Help solve their problems-->Build your reputation-->Sales happen.

And here's another idea: Why not turn rental cars into billboards inside and out to make extra revenue and reduce costs for drivers. It really is that Tom Cruise movie I can't think of the name of.


What a Croc

TMZ ran into Chris Crocker emerging from Mr. Chow on Saturday night. Crocker appears to be thoroughly enjoying the temporary window of fame his wailing rant about Britney Spears has afforded him.

Crocker also gets a profile treatment from the Associated Press

Has Andy Warhol's "15 minutes" quote ever seemed more prescient?

What's wrong with our country?


Quotes of the Day

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.
-- William James

"The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet."
-- Andy Warhol

"Morality is temporary, wisdom is permanent."
-- Hunter Thompson


The Story of the #6 Larkin Chair

A lot of forums are talking about value and what does "price" mean.

In "domain king meet oak king" I've told you that I learned my biggest lesson in value during my early days as a wholesale antique dealer.

The story of the #6 Larkin chair is a case in point. You might see these two chairs in the garbage or at a flea market. You'd pass them right by without a hint of value. In this recent instance, a $50 purchase at the Lincon Rd flea market that had $7800 in end-user resale value as PARTS. But the seller would never know that.

At the turn of the century, these were given away free with detergent purchases from the larkin Soap company. The Larkin Soap Company had been the biggest mail-order company in the world in the first half of the 20th century. John Larkin has been referred to as the "Bill Gates" of his time. At its pinnacle, the Larkin Soap Company was a highly innovative and successful marketing and manufacturing firm. By the early 1900s, the company encompassed more than 500 acres of floor space for manufacturing and distribution. The company's heyday came inthe 1920s, when 1.5 million customers bought domestic necessities through the mail and the company grossed $21 million annually while employing 4,000 workers and publishing bi-annual product catalogs.

But, in a world of reproductions, with the ability to even find, let alone buy a set of these rare original qaurter-sawn oak chairs gone today (here's one for $2700 but without the right pattern on the back).... anyone needing another to add to their growing family or a part to replace a chair burned or broken will pay dearly.

That's what I predicted in the late 70s when the last million Larkin chairs were mined from New England and Pennsylvania farmhouse and exported west to be refinished and sold to restaurants and Hollywood royalty. So when I couldn't make money reselling the chairs wholesale any more, rather than compete with other dealers paying $35-65 each, I found singles, painted chairs, even broken chairs at a $1 or less each and stashed them in a barn for this day. But in1984 I would leave NY for California so I cut a deal $3.50 for each of my 15,000 mixed and matched, painted, broken chairs for a stake in the property where they'd be stored.

Today, thanks to the Internet, my mentor in the Antique biz to whom I traded the chairs, has enjoyed a cash-enriched, tax-advantaged retirement with each of the 26 pieces that comprise a Larkin chair going for an average of $150 a part on eBay or one of the Internet exchanges.

While dealers in the 70s battled each other to make a few dollars at $65 a chair, and some dealers now get $2700 for a set of six chairs, my friend is getting $3900 for the parts of ONE chair I paid less than $1 for- that everyone else had passed as damaged goods.

So what's a dollar worth in 35 years?

polaroids of me buying some of my Larkin chair collection at the 1978Brimfield Fea Market


Ad of the Day

Give an animal a better life. Or is it the other way around?
adopt a new life.
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Judy John
Creative Director: Monique Kelley
Art Director: Anthony Chelvanathan
Copywriter: Steve Persico
Via: bestadsontv


Saturday, September 29, 2007

What’s My House Worth? And Now?

Keeping up with your home’s value is a good thing, right? Even if it’s every hour?


What's The Value of Your House

Concerned about the real estate market? Wonder if your house has held its value in today's challenging economy? Is it a good time to sell? To buy? To invest or refinance?

Get the personalized appraisal you need to make informed decisions. It's confidential, it's free and takes just a few minutes online.

Then stay informed with periodic reports on the house values around you. As well as tips and best-kept secret sources for real estate sales alternatives that net you the most amount of money with the least amount of commission and time. Delivered right to your email box. Why do it the hard way?


Friday, September 28, 2007

Google vs. Yahoo: Google doesn’t support ad industry, Yahoo does

Donna Bogatin: There is a world-class irony in the fact that 99% of the revenues of $122 billion market cap Google are derived from its advertising sales business model, while at the same time the company is proud that it doesn’t buy advertising itself.

Yahoo, on the other hand, practices what it preaches and not only sells advertising, it supports the ad industry by buying advertising.

OF: Donna missed this: Like Microsoft a lot of the advertising budget is spent on Google Adword buys.


Menu For Local Search Success

Local Search Poised For Marketing Success
People in the US tend to spend 80 percent of their budgets within 50 miles of their homes, and the Kelsey Group thinks that bodes well for local advertising's $110 billion market to shift more into local search ads. Only about four percent of local ad dollars are currently being spent on local search advertising. The Kelsey Group expects that to grow, and fast. They forecast a 50 percent annual growth rate for local search spending.

Enjoying that growth and more means facing down the yellow pages companies for the attention of local people seeking information. It's a challenge for Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, all highly desirous of more of the local search market.

The yellow pages publishers have an advantage today. The Kelsey Group refers to local ad service selling as a "high-touch" occupation, and salespeople can be expensive.

Meanwhile, print and online Yellow Pages provider R.H. Donnelley is testing a new voice-enabled local search solution, dubbed "1-800-CallDex." The service, currently available in the Denver, Phoenix, Spokane and Tucson markets, provides free directory assistance (free DA) and local category search for consumers seeking businesses. The service provides addresses, phone numbers, business descriptions, hours of operation, payment methods and other information.

Free DA is a growing area, with limited consumer adoption and even more limited advertiser pick-up. The field is wide open to grab market share, with Jingle’s 800-free411, AT&T’s 1-800-yellowpages and Goog411 among the competitors.

R.H. Donnelley teamed up with Toronto-based Call Genie to power the service with its Enhanced Voice Directory (EVD) product. The latest release of the product allows consumers in 1-800-CallDex markets to refine their searches by referencing landmarks, neighborhoods and intersections. The system continuously updates itself to reflect how local residents refer to specific landmarks or locations.

R.H. Donnelley has made several moves to bring its offline dominance online. In July, the company announced its intent to acquire This follows its 2005 acquisition of Dex Media, and the September 2006 acquisition of SEO/SEM firm LocalLaunch.

Just last week, the company announced an expanded relationship with Yahoo Local, distributing its online yellow pages data on Yahoo's network and streamlining the Yahoo Local ad-buying process for its print yellow pages advertisers.



Ad of the Day


Microsoft: DoubleClick Deal Will Bring New Meaning to 'Being Googled'

Computer Giant Claims $3.1 Billion Merger Is Bad News for Advertisers, Consumers
By Ira Teinowitz
Published: September 27, 2007
WASHINGTON ( -- Microsoft today unveiled a no-holds-barred attack on rival Google's $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick, warning senators that the deal would give its rival unprecedented control of internet advertising in ways that could hurt advertisers and websites, drive up prices and potentially create new consumer-privacy issues.

OF: See all these acquistions are really about power and domination.


Click: Stock Watch-- "IAR"

I'd be reading everything about this company and connecting the dots. Their banner ads are starting to appear everywhere. Start with the mission to be the nation's best provider of media that connects buyers with sellers.

"Driving traffic to grow a customer base is crucial for a new business. Businesses that get noticed are the ones that get the business. That means getting your name out there and getting potential customers, who are ready to buy, to remember your brand. Idearc works with you to come up with flexible options and ideas you may not have considered to locally promote your business in highly effective ways, both in the book and online."

You may also want to review the InfoSpace agreement filed last week.

About Idearc Inc.
Idearc Inc. (NYSE:IAR) connects buyers and sellers with its multi-platform of advertising solutions including Verizon® Yellow Pages, Verizon® White Pages, smaller-sized portable Verizon® Yellow Pages Companion Directories,® , Superpages MobileSM, Solutions At Hand™ magazine, Solutions at Home™ magazine, and Solutions on the Move™ and Solutions Direct™ direct mail packages. Idearc provides sales, publishing and other related services for more than 1,200 distinct directory titles in 35 states and the District of Columbia.
-more-, the expert in local search with more than 2.8 billion network searches and 18 million business listings in the United States in 2006, offers advertisers a variety of online advertising solutions. Superpages Mobile provides local search functionality for wireless subscribers. For more information, visit


Give em' Hell Bill


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Donation of $6.6m for Australian art is unreal

THE largest collection of Australian surrealism ever assembled has been given to the National Gallery despite its owner being a trustee of the Art Gallery of NSW Foundation.

"There will be repercussions," Ray Wilson joked as he donated the 285 works in Canberra yesterday - one of the most generous gifts of modern benefaction. At the time he was yet to inform the AGNSW of his decision.

The works, worth $6.6 million, fill a major gap in the National Gallery's collection. Boyds and Nolans are represented alongside the first Australian surrealist painting, James Gleeson's The Attitude of Lightning towards a Lady-Mountain.


Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!

Yesterday I finally met that man behind the curtain. That ghost behind the masters whose copy I hold in high esteem. Not Bush’s brain. But close. Someone whose work I’ve admired for decades. Imagine HE answered my ad “need a copywriter?” It’s because he’s leaving the corp copy world to become a screenwriter. Good for him!

In his honor, celebrate FRIDAY and take a one minute vacation to the land of OZ.

“Why, anybody can have a brain. That's a very mediocre commodity. Every pusillanimous creature that crawls on the Earth or slinks through slimy seas has a brain. Back where I come from, we have universities, seats of great learning, where men go to become great thinkers. And when they come out, they think deep thoughts and with no more brains than you have. But they have one thing you haven't got: a diploma. “

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others. “

“Frightened? Child, you're talking to a man who's laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe... I was petrified.”

“He's not only merely dead / She's really most sincerely dead. “

“A place where there isn't any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a place Toto? There must be. It's not a place you can get to by a boat or a train. It's far, far away. Behind the moon, beyond the rain.”

“You people should consider yourselves lucky that I'm granting you an audience tomorrow instead of 20 years from now. “

“Now I know I have a heart, because it's breaking.”

“I've got a witch mad at me and you might get into trouble!”

“Only bad witches are ugly.”

“Don't be silly, Toto. Scarecrows don't talk.”



Quote of the Day

“Everybody knows, how to make fish-soup from fish, but who knows how to get a fish back from the soup again?”

"The only difference between your income NOW and your income in 5 years’ time will be the mentors you have, the investments you make in ongoing industry, customer and career education, the smart people you hire that can extend your skills and capabilities, and then how YOU apply it all”


Breitbart (.tv)

This story about the yellow lines painted over dead raccoon was direclty ripped from a television site and then used to sell iPhones after being linked from Drudge.


Future Trends

10 businesses facing extinction in 10 years-(of: maybe already extinct)
==>Record stores
==>Camera film manufacturing
==>Crop dusters
==>Gay bars
==>Pay phones
==>Used bookstores
==>Piggy banks
==>Coin-operated arcades
More info
Top 10 hot jobs of 2012
==>Organic food producers, retailers
==>Computational biologists
==>Parallel programmers
==>Data technologists
==>Simulation engineers
==>Boomer companions, caretakers
==>Genetic counseling
==>Brain analysts
==>Space tour guide
==>Robot tenders, builders (
More info
Thanks to William Gormally for the story lead.


Moron Award: It's Not Madison Ave As Usual. Except it Is.

Agency Departs From Norm, RENAMES Unique Selling Proposition

When choosing a name for an ad agency, since everyone is moving away from the Huey Duey & Louie law firm-style model, one should choose a name that connotes something interesting, something exciting, something that elicits staying power. Perhaps Art Bradshaw and Emily Rex who just dubbed their new agency Departure think the notion of leaving is better than staying. Now, one could joke about this new name as Adrants reader Chuck did when he wondered why they didn't call themselves Leaving or Closing or Back Later or Track 9 or Running Late or Exit (wait, that one's sort of taken) or Last One Out Turn Out the Lights. But that would be mean.

Bradshaw and Rex are likely taking a "we are departing from norm" direction, hence the name. Laudable but when a press release describes the agency with such eloquent business blather as, "Departure is a progressive advertising agency that gives aggressive brands the power to confidently address 'the new': new media, new conceptual approaches and new ways of making sense of the changing reality of the market," we're thinking they might as well have named themselves Same As Every Other Agency.

Especially when creating humorous bullshit such as Compelling Truth which they define as "the single most important statement a company can make about itself - communicated in a dramatic way" and pass off as some new, never before encountered style of doing business." Um, no. Ever heard of Unique Selling Proposition? It's been around since before most of us were born. But who can fault an agency for slapping a new label as something that's been around forever and passing it off as something new? After all, that's what agencies are supposed to do.

ONLY PROBLEM FOLKS. And that's a big problem for a specialist in "new media". Morons.

VIA AdRants


Marchex and Schilling Featured in Business2.0

The Web's local mogul
Marchex CEO Russell Horowitz is launching websites for thousands of cities, big and small. The play? To beat Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo to the punch in connecting businesses to nearby customers.

But we are not domainers," he says. "That's not who we are. That's not what we're building. We want to develop consumer-friendly websites."


Glut: 5.1 million homes for sale

A major homebuilder warned this morning of the growing problem of "surplus inventory" as another month of weak sales of new homes left the inventory of unsold new homes at 529,000, and the total number of homes for sale in America at a staggering 5.1 million.

Inventory of unsold homes has spiked 14% in the past year, and 77% from August 2004 levels (see chart and more).


The House That Domains Built


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


September 26, 2007 -- A Manhattan computer programmer has mapped out the borough's parking spaces - listing the legal times and places - and launched a Web site to direct drivers to the best spots. All a driver has to do is whip out a cellphone or computer, log on to, tap in an address and cruise the neighborhood for the available parking spots.


Microsoft leaks its own search plans

Looks like Bill will not abandon the ship that can never sail.

A Microsoft employee has posted details about planned changes to Microsoft's Live Search, ahead of an event next week where the company was slated to unveil the changes to reporters. Screen caps HERE


Facebook’s $10 Billion Conundrum

Deal Journal caught up with Bo Peabody (left) this morning to get his take. The 36-year-old founded Tripod Inc., one of the original social networks, back in 1992. It was later sold to Lycos for $58 million in 1998. He now is managing general partner of Village Ventures, a Williamstown, Mass., venture-capital firm.


Mistrial or Bad Hair Day?

Same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson?


Update: Lecture of a Lifetime

"Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things."

"A doctor, but not the kind who helps people."

Apparanly Diane Sawyer reads WSJ too. This MUST READ has moved many of my friends and readers to tears. As one wrote, "we are here a short time."


Yared: $200 price target on Apple may prove to be conservative

I believe Apple shares are headed even higher. The popular iPod line has been around for over five years now, and the new generation is better than ever. The snazzy new iPods create buzz around Apple's music products and other products like the Mac computer line, and the company's word-of-mouth and visual marketing continues to shine with the mass consumer.

Apple goes beyond the "features for the money" approach of other digital music players. Buying an Apple product is now a cultural statement and provides a feeling of being in the "in crowd." Over and over again, there are arguably better products that try to compete with the iPod, but none have succeeded thus far because they cannot match that special feeling.

"Apple is in the midst of a major, major product release cycle. The iPhone sales have been more than solid and production for the rest of calendar 2007 has been raised from 3.6 million units to 4.8 million. European and Asian distribution is just beginning and with Apple's revenue recognition model set for iPhone sales over 24 months, the visibility of Apple's numbers just goes up that much higher. Investors will reward 'visible' numbers with a higher PE ratio," Yared writes.

"Apple is also in the beginnings of a new iPod launch. The iPod installed base is over 110 million units strong. Talk about a willing audience for the upgrade cycle! It re-enforces the visibility theme. The revamped Mac computer is in its second quarter of sales and this product upgrade cycle should last into the next 4-6 quarters," Yared writes.



Update: Please, Leave Britney Alone

Shelley the Republican notes: "This Christian has it in her heart to pity poor struggling Britney. Why don’t you? Please forgive her filthy language, by the way. The poor girl is clearly upset." Hey Shelley, your first problem is that "he" is not a "her". Next problem is that your Christian role model was a kiddy porn star before milking his 7 minutes of fame and 8 million hits on Youtube.

Now in what has to be the sickest society ever that we live in, Chris Crocker actually seems to be getting his own show and that’s just great news for anyone who still subscribes to the American dream of becoming a celebrity in twenty minutes for practically nothing.

At this point, the kid is just annoying. He’s so clearly aware of his schtick and what sells that somewhat annoyingly detracts from the central social issue of who he is and the issues surrounding his apparent plight. Plus, now he’s just going through the process of mustering up as much hype as possible.

I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with hype but frankly, he’s really no better at what he’s doing than probably half the gay kids his age. So many kids that live in tired assed small towns are plagued with the same desperate boredom, crippling social alienation and run of the mill over compensation for low self esteem that leads to wearing excessive makeup and staring at oneself in the mirror for hours on end while seriously identifying to someone like Britney Spears on an irrationally deep level. I mean, go for it kid but this is just as tired as every other gay ass idea TV has thrown up.


Important Reminder

People are discovering the Do Not Call List has an expiration date.

And telemarketers are ready to pounce.

But here's the thing that someone with common sense would understand:
If someone didn't want to be marketed to 5 years ago, they probably still don't today.

Organizations that think things like the do-not-call list, and email unsubscibes are a hurdle are also organizations who like to waste money and resources by trying to market to people who have stated they are not interested.

A smart marketer understands that by only talking to those who have expressed an interest to listen makes your marketing ROI go way up.



T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East 2007 Preview: The Inside Scoop on the Pioneering Conference's Plan to Scale New Heights


NameMedia Honored by Deloitte & Touche

Domain giant NameMedia has just received a high honor from Deloitte & Touche, having been chosen for Deloitte's prestigious Technology Fast 50 Program for New England, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in the area by one of the nation’s leading professional services organizations. Rankings are based on the percentage revenue growth over five years from 2002–2006.

NameMedia's CEO Kelly P. Conlin credited an innovative business model and a highly talented team for the rapid growth required to be selected as a Fast 50 company. NameMedia owns leading domain aftermarket companies and (and a global sales platform known as Afternic DLS) as well as parking service providers, and

Steve DiPietro, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP and chair of the New England Technology Fast 50 Program said “Deloitte’s New England Technology Fast 50 companies have shown the strength, vision and tenacity to succeed in today’s very competitive technology environment. NameMedia, with their phenomenal revenue growth, has proven to be one of the fast-growth success stories in New England and we applaud their dedication to making their vision a reality.”

To qualify for the Technology Fast 50, companies must have had operating revenues of at least $50,000 in 2002 and $5,000,000 in 2006, be headquartered in North America, and be a company that owns proprietary technology or proprietary intellectual property that contributes to a significant portion of the company's operating revenues; or devotes a significant proportion of revenues to the research and development of technology. Using other companies' technology or intellectual property in a unique way does not qualify.

Companies from the 16 regional Technology Fast 50 programs in the United States and Canada are automatically entered in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 program, which ranks North America’s top 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies. For more information on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 or Technology Fast 500 programs, visit



AdAge: Agencies Must Wake Up to a Different Business Model

Out of the Past: Changes in Compensation, Communication at Core of Needed Evolution.

Now where have we heard THAT before?
AND HERE almost as if they read this before writing their article? The only thing they are still oblivious to is the role and importance of domain names.


Into The Box (.TV)

Are you ready to make dotTV's like this a part of your daily routine? I didn't think so. Advertisers are NOT standing in line either.
And as for your dotTV parking page waiting for uniques, in the words of tony Soprano "fugghetabuttit."


Dum-Fuk: Bush Takes Speaking Skills to UN

When our illustrious and verbally gaffe-prone president addressed the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, the White House inadvertently showed us exactly how they try to get George Bush to be able to pronounce the "hard words" -- with a phonetic pronunciation guide on the teleprompter to get him past troublesome names of countries and world leaders. The White House was left scrambling to explain after a marked-up draft of Bush's speech popped up briefly on the U.N. Web site as he delivered his remarks, giving a rare glimpse of the special guidance he gets for major addresses. It included phonetic spellings for French President Nicolas Sarkozy (sar-KO-zee), a friend, and Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe (moo-GAH-bee), a target of U.S. human rights criticism. Pronunciations were also provided for Kyrgyzstan (KEYR-geez-stan), Mauritania (moor-EH-tain-ee-a) and the Zimbabwe capital Harare (hah-RAR-ray). (VIA Reuters)

Bush is no stranger to the occasional faux pas, and often jokes about his habit of mangling the English language.

One of his highest-profile gaffes came in May when, at a welcoming ceremony for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, he nearly placed her in the 18th century.

At a speech during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Sydney earlier this month, Bush seemed to confuse the organization with OPEC and spoke of Austrian troops in Iraq when he meant to say Australian.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is Facebook the next GeoCities?

For those of you who didn't follow the internet bubble, let me just clarify something: The suggestion that a company could be "the next GeoCities" is not a compliment. It's sort of like being "the next Ryan Leaf" or better, "the next" GeoCities got off to a hot-start but withered after Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) paid $4.7 billion for the unprofitable site. Yahoo! focused on building traffic and neglected innovation and today, Geocities is mainly a memory. MORE


Apple (AAPL): A breakout buy

Driving the security in today's trading was a note from a Citigroup analyst boosting the brokerage firm's target price from $160 per share to $185 per share. What's more, Citi also reiterated the shares with a "buy."

"Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is hot," says breakout specialist Leo Fasciocco. The editor of The Ticker Tape Digest notes, "With a breakout above $147, we are now targeting a move to $170.

Fasciocco explains, "We have seen extremely strong accumulation in Apple since late on Friday and a nice gap move higher on Monday on the breakout. Our momentum indicator on the stock is also bullish and the accumulation - distribution line is in a solid up trend."

The advisor notes, "This fiscal year -- ending Sept. 30 -- AAPL should post a big 61% jump in net to $3.71 a share from $2.31 a share a year ago. Next fiscal year 2008, AAPL's net should rise 17% to $4.35 a share from $3.71 a year ago."

The past three quarters AAPL has surprised big on the upside, he observes. It topped the consensus by 21 cents, 24 cents and 36 cents a share the past three quarters. Says Fasciocco, "We see chances for an upside surprise."

He adds, "The stock's valuation is high, with the shares selling at a 40 price-earnings ratio. The key will be to see if AAPL can come up with another big winning product. Thus, a lot will depend on the firm's forecast of earnings and product development news." For now, the advisor has set an intermediate term target of 170 and recommends a rotective stop near 140.

Indeed, based on the expanding markets for the PC/digital world, he believes we will see an "unexpected surge" in iMac sales.

A long-term follower of Apple, the advisor recalls that the company's share of the PC market dwindled to 3% at its low a few years ago. He now points out that "regaining a mere 1% of the market from those levels represents a growth rate of 33%."

He states, "I do believe that there are a number of forces coming together in the world of the digital consumer that suggest it may be possible for Apple to recapture perhaps as many as 4 to 8 percentage points of PC market share in just a couple of quarters."

He says, "I believe we are still in the early stages of a massive uptrend in Mac sales for the company. Yes, I think 40% year-over-year is 'on the horizon."


Ad of the Day

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Poland, Warsaw
Creative Director: Max Olech
Art Director: Bartek Grala
Copywriter: Daniel Piecka

About The Author: Owen Frager is an Internet marketing expert ready to help take your company to the next level.

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