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Friday, October 19, 2007

All Good Blogs Must End (to monetize a sequel)

All stories, like books, movies and even the most-popular longest running sitcoms come to an end. Isn't that why we stay engaged to find out what happens?

I found it interesting that with the Michael Clayton movie, the ending was actually in the trailer. Today, shows don't really end; they pause so you can buzz about the possibilities of a movie sequel. Blogs make it more rewarding then ever.

So Sopranos has set us up to sell out the theatres when it opens and Sex in the City has practically leaked the whole movie to the blogs. I think they like the blogs, use the blogs and even when 17 year-olds take these photos, review the clothes and send you to affiliate links to buy them via their home-baked blogs, that's the point.

After all, that's why they call it Hollywood.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Sopranos movie was already in the can. If you anticipate it, you can take alternate shots at the same set up and leverage the investment. That's the way I used to play it for corporate client. 17 mini-sodes from one shoot.

MORE, in the past a CEO will hate the way they looks in some scenes and think the video useless. But today, all those outtakes work as an audio-only Podcast. We have the power to make marketing feasts of scraps. So why all the printed words?

That in mind, I've been working on a video marketing model that will not only allow companies to find their best customers – and consumers to find the companies that share their values – but will actually have something that touches everybody in the world. I believe this will become the basis for the Mother of All Social Networks.

The one that succeeds where the others have failed because it's built on a business plan and proven production formula that delivers shareholder ROI from the moment it goes live.

I'm taking the next few weeks to act on an opportunity to participate in what could be the next big IPO. Stay tuned.

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