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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize but...

...his handlers are getting a TFF moron award for this oversight. In case you didn't see the redirect I'm talking about the "inventor of the Internet" organizing Live Earth; the largest event in history to shed awareness on climate change and choosing to name it something other then what was secured for a dotCOM call to action domain.
This sent all the intuitive traffic to a political statement and left Microsoft getting the largest advertising boost in their history and the perception of sponsor of an event they simply "borrowed" equity in. Maybe Gore's new creative team, previous TFF Moron Award Winner, Martin Agency, will be more cyber savvy. but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Photo: owners of (PowerSwitch) aptly pull a power switch on Al Gore. Or perhaps it's a not a bait and switch, but a case of getting results through others. As in never underestimate the man behind the curtain.

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