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Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's In A Blog Name: Opportunities For Name Media Brokers

Photo of Bob of Bob's Blog (aka. NOT nor either)

I brought this up the other day on Elliots blog. There's 2 million Elliots and only one

But when another Elliott blogger, Elliott McCory, searched (using Google) for "elliott mccrory -elliot" and "elliot mccrory -elliott" and found that his name is spelled right about 11,900 times, and spelled wrong 4,270 times on the internet. So in his old and new studies he concludes that 40% of the entries that match "elliot" are SPELLED WRONG! So, there are only about 2 millions entires for Elliot that are properly spelled. That means there are 6 million prospects for one blog name because whomever had it will also need to own the mispellings.

Now lets examine and easier to spell, more common name, Bob:

Bob's Blog Strikes a Chord -- California Endowment President Blogging with Great Success

Dr. ROBERT K. Ross, president of The California Endowment (a powerful influencer in the health care reform and philanthropy world) is blogging and blogging well. Unlike most CEO bloggers, Ross knows how to say it straight, and briefly. Nancy presents a a couple of the qualities that make him such a great blogger HERE.

What she overlooks is that he is HERE, --- WHILE most people will look for him THERE. As confusing as TFF moron winner's Live Earth OIL and Water example. But perhaps an even bigger problem and ROI opportunity for matching the right solution to the prospect with the deepest pockets.

In this example, the bigger, more important... more revenue mission critical... BOB is working so hard and doing so well, but leaving more money on the table just by overlooking a nuance he probably never considered. Just as neither he nor my friend Stuart Elliott have consider where their online futures and legacies lie when they leave their present employer and all their IP and content stays.

Anyone having children really need to think about their future and build a baby naming strategy around a domain strategy. It's just too important. Believe me, I learned this lesson the HARD WAY. But had I not gone through it I wouldn't have uncovered the biggest untapped opportunity in domain names today.

In 1999, maybe you could solve the problem cost-effectively. Now, with the laws of supply and demand, it's just too important to overlook any more.

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