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Monday, October 22, 2007


Photo: House that domains and Christmas built.

It’s as crazy as Presidential debates two years before the elections, but the first Christmas lights went up on my street tonight. It only takes one to plant a seed by the weekend all of Boca will be lit.

As online marketers we know what that means- SANTA IS COMING TO OUR BALANCE SHEETS.

Now here's a thought or two.

I come from a bloodline of major brick and mortar retailers. They make 70% of their profits in the next few weeks. And would have had to start two years ago to get another store open and functioning to meet the opportunity, even if they had the best location.

Yet anyone who purchased a prime domain in the auction last week (or even today, if you call Amber) RIGHT NOW... given the traffic and tools at hand, YOU can have instant presence and reap the benefits of this holiday season right along with all the BIG stores.

That's so amazing when you think of it and no one in corporate even gets that part of the equation.

However, domainers can no longer rest their Christmas success on PPC alone.

Its because those with lists and relationships (like the examples pasted below) are already knocking on your prospects doors and making an offer that's easy to understand and order. Hassle gone. Shopping game over.

I've been talking about this for years in my Domain Success Primer: "The best way to get them to you is to go to them."

As a shareholder, I am really disappointed that Amazon (who was the pioneer and leader of "if you liked this last year for your Mom, she'll die to have this year" notification process)-- is conspicuously absent from my in-box at a time when they can own the spirit of the season.

Their loss is Apple's gain. The personal touch of engraving speaks to another Domain Success online success tenent: "One generation leads to another." And to the B2B opportunities that are virtually UNTAPPED.

In the spirit of the season, may find the gifts you need, get the gifts you want and may your stockings be stuffed with cash.

***Note in the screen caps that Apple did not get stopped in the Spam filter. Why? It's because 1 million of their customers have branded email on servers they control. That's the little 3-letter domain secret I've been trying to explain to you. It's why the market is going down and AAPL is going UP. Because people are EXPERIENCING the company's success firsthand.

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