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Monday, November 12, 2007

Apple Ads Then and Now

Here we see Steve Jobs at a keynote in 1983 showing for the first time ever the famous "1984" ad by Ridley Scott to an exclusive audience. The ad was shown on tv shortly after that only once during the 1984 Superbowl & never aired again & is considered to be one of the greatest ads of all time

And now we get ready for this years SuperBowl with this new series of "get a mac" TV ads, which began airing around the US during Sunday's NFL football games and then later in Sunday night primetime. The new TV spots include "PR Lady" in which PC hires a PR representative to help spin Vista problems and issues as Mac's new Leopard operating system hits the streets. In "Boxer" PC tries to show the world that he's not going down without a fight as Mac sales are going through the roof and in 'Podium', PC campaigns for Vista behind a podium, as users battle problems and issues the new Vista operating system (and upgrading)--even admitting that he downgraded to XP a few weeks ago.

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