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Friday, November 30, 2007

Congratulations to Our Friends and Readers at Citrix

Every Friday morning one of my clients has our marketing team meeting via Citrix online. So no surprise to me, makes an excellent contribution to the marketing mix (and for a lot less then the buyers are accustomed to paying). I keep telling everyone from firsthand experience, software naming, business2business naming, trademarks, events, partner portals, licensing... is where the high fruit hangs in domains, barely touched.

Each Fortune 500 corporation will eventually have over a thousand domains and this sale demonstrates what this market bares. I've worked on all these kinds of naming projects at top 100 technology companies, and can help you make the connections you might otherwise miss.

Team is a generic domain with a difference in that it also makes an emotional connection. Especially for work group and collaboration software. In the traditional business world, companies invested heavy in team building exercises and t&e to promote teambuilding. In the virtual world, of employees working from home, on the road, across geographies and time zones, that spirit can easily get lost. The new "team" software from Citrix can be shared by their million customers at sub-domains when logging in. So it becomes;; very powerful branding within established brands. And guess what? Like Cisco license of iPhone brand to Apple, this generates recurring revenues. It is the ultimate domain lease.

The only other domain I know that comes close is Shaun Pilford's Each software company has thousands of partners that they stay connected to via portals. Microsoft has 60,000 partners, alone. The image of the handshake used as the icon for every partner program is the best-selling, most-licensed stock image in the world. A hint at what the potential could be for this domain with all its sub-domain possibility brought to life in the same way I see it unfolding at

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