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Monday, November 19, 2007

Guest Blogger- Something About The Holidays

Today's guest blogger, JoeSchmitt, normally wouldn't have shared this kind of stuff, but he decided to because it gave him perspective. And he thinks that's worth something and believe there are others out there who understand:

"I think that you really know you're getting up there in years when your parents start asking you for advice: mI don't mean to wax philosophical, and truthfully, I haven't shared much in the past year or better, but it's amazing how such a simple thing can give you pause. Partly because you realize you're getting old, and partly because your parents respect you (you know what I mean), and you CAN actually make their lives easier and help them. That's a blessing. But it's still weird. Just wanted to share that I'm--as Jimmy Buffet would say--rounding that bend in life. Or at least getting pretty dang close.

Needless to say I'm buying my parents house this month and sending them on their merry way to retirement bliss. Anything I can do to make their later years better, well hell, that's my game plan. I'm sure there are plenty here who agree. And that's what it's all about.

It's not about chasing deals. Chasing money. Chasing the next hot car. It's about chasing life--and let me tell you, for my years I've learned you won't catch up. Live it now, give it now, be it now. I remember a good friend of mine on hard times. He and his wife, and three kids, had no money for Christmas. He was that kind of buddy that would give the shirt of his back if he was already naked. Anyway, I made sure their kids had the best Christmas ever, and my good friend and his wife really enjoyed it (and we made sure it was from them, not me). I can't put in words how good that Christmas felt. Like Rick always said, and I've always felt the same way, the best charity are the ones you love.”

Said the forum moderator: “I hope everyone here has the opportunity to get a home for their parents. I think that is the real top of the mountain and while there may be higher places, none can ever give you more satisfaction.”

Ah well... something about the holiday season that does this to Joe. And to me.

We’ll be featuring guest posters between now and the end of the year to drive the holiday spirit home. Derrick and Joe are up today. Elliott, Seth, Eric Rice, GK and Sandy Brooks are on deck.

If you have something to say, in the spirit of the season, send it along and I’ll share it.

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