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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


An anonymous guest blogger submits an interesting twist on a true story, something that really happened, that's NOT your normal everyday blog fare. But worthy of holiday reflection.


I heard the news today, oh boy. About a lucky man...

... who climbed onto the roof of a tall building and took a flying leap to the cement pavement below. Head first. Left a wife and two kids. Friends said he was stressed out. Said it was probably job related.

I mention this because I believe that this man, who many had met, but apparently few really knew, got caught up in that great, hyper-frenetic, stressed out business world competition called the rat race.

And he lost.


Alarm rings. Not enough sleep. But must wake up. Got to get ready for work. Got to drink that coffee. Rush hour traffic. God, I hate it. Can't be late again. Got to get to work on time. Green light. Car ahead's not moving. He's on a freaking cell phone!! HONK! HONK! Will you move it, asshole!! I miss the freaking light. Five more minutes till the next light. Now for sure I'll be late. Thanks a lot, asshole. Blood boils. The rage is intense.

Arrive at work. Late. Dirty looks. Pressure in the air. Memo out. Parent company needs more revenue. Got to meet that next quarter's earnings numbers. Got to keep that stock price high. Board of Directors tells VP's, VP's tell region, region tells management, management tells mid-management. Mid-management unloads on sales dept. You've GOT to bring in more money!!

Got to make more calls. Got to multi-task. Need ideas. Need good leads. Need more coffee. Got to sell, Sell, SELL, SELL!!!!!!!

Phone rings. Sale fell through. Damnit, I thought that one was gonna be a good one. God, it's hot in here. Or maybe it's cold. The air is stifling. A look at the sales charts. Not doing well. My back hurts. Need a few pain pills. Geez, my heart feels like it's beating too fast. I think my face is twitching. I've got to go see the doctor again.

Boss walks by. What a sour ass look. I guess the pressure's on him too. Turning on the TV for news. Great, market's down huge. Our stock's down 2 1/2 points. That's eight points this week. We're all screwed. There goes half my portfolio. There goes my 401(k).

Wife calls. Kids need braces. She wants a bigger house. She needs new clothes as nice as Mary Anne's. Mary Anne's husband buys HER anything she wants. Kids are sick. Kids are in trouble at school. Kids want that new video game system like their friends. GOT to make more money!! God, my head hurts.

The big boss. Mid-day sales meeting. Sales MUST go up. People are gonna HAVE to step it up. There WILL be some jobs cut. Why was he looking at ME during that meeting? This stress is killing me.

Shouting match with customer. Why did he renege on deal? Why did he lie to me? Why is he allowed to do this to me? Veins stick out on my forehead. Blood pressure's up again. Head is spinning. Need to take some pills. Need to get a drink after work. Think I'm burning out.

Must get on phones again. Must go out and SELL, Sell, sell... sell.

Feeling weak. Not feeling well at all. Things are out of control. Is this all there is to life?


A day in the life. One of many just like it. Pressure. Pain. Despair. Anxiety. Anger. The tension. The drinking. Depression. The pills. Life... spinning... out... of... control. Losing... all... hope... The... stress... is... unbearable...

Until one day, the man takes a few too many pills. He's lost his grasp of normalcy. He realizes he's been beaten. He climbs the stairs, gets to the top of the roof. He looks out for a few seconds, then closes his eyes...

In the rat race, the rats always win.

There's GOT to be a better way.

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