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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Apple's Best-Kept Secret & MUST-SEE Video

Will be revealed here within the next 24-36 hours.

Meanwhile Apple opened its third Manhattan store this evening amidst reports that Apple's (AAPL) Macintosh computers are poised to make sizable market share gains in the coming months, according to a research firm that tracks PC purchase intent.

While, Google (true to TFF prediction)
is releasing a new application for Apple Incs iPhone that combines the Web leaders services such as e-mail, search and calendar into a single interface. Google, which aims to replicate its success in desktop computer Web use on mobile phones, said today that the new application would make it easier to find, use and switch between its services on the iPhone. The company is also working to develop new mobile technologies that are faster, easier to use.

The three-story space, located at 14th Street and 9th Avenue, is the second largest Apple store in the country (just smaller than the one on Chicago's Michigan Avenue), and the first to offer free Pro Labs. It won't be open 24 hours like the Fifth Avenue store, but it will be open til midnight with:
• A Concierge team wearing light blue shirts will be on hand to show off all the shop's wares.
• A total of 175 employees will work the store, mostly veterans from other NYC stores.
• This store will have an entire floor dedicated to service, that's 50% more total space for tech support and education than any other Apple Store. [14th St NYC Apple Store

See more pictures and a VIDEO of the space here and HERE.

Photo via gothamist

related: ChangeWave Research says it sees continuing momentum for Apple's Macs among both consumer and business customers.

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