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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Google Close To Announcing Plans For Apple

Note- this is not the information we are planning to release later this weekend. Ours is BIGGER then this. But this confirms what we've been eluding to for months, making MOBI irrelevant.

NEW YORK -- Google Inc is releasing a new application for Apple Incs iPhone that combines the Web leaders services such as e-mail, search and calendar into a single interface. Google, which aims to replicate its success in desktop computer Web use on mobile phones, said today that the new application would make it easier to find, use and switch between its services on the iPhone. Without the need for any special extension.

Google is also working to develop new mobile technologies that are faster, easier to use. They launched a new interface for users who access the site with an iPhone, complete with a menu of services to choose from—home (search box), Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and More (docs sms, goog-411, news, photos, blogger, and notebook). You can see a video of the new interface (complete with Eye of the Tiger soundtrack) here.

The iPhone, with its touch-screen and full Web browser, became the most talked about cell phone this year when it went on sale in the United States in late June.

It has since launched in countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. Google Maps and YouTube were among the first applications available on iPhone. Apple said last month that it would allow outside developers to create software for iPhone and that it planned to make a developers kit available in February


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