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Monday, March 03, 2008

Life Beyond PPC- Bigger Name Media

I saw this widget ad today featuring a face I know and trust from TV's biggest loser. Unlike passive banner ads, with widgets you check a box about how much weight you want to lose and then were taken to Jillian Michael's landing page. Like Christie Alley who left Jenny Craig as Jillian left the biggest loser, celebrities are discovering they don't need to be somebody else's pitchman when the brand equity in their domain name, a widget to drive traffic there, and a landing page and business structure that is outsourced and completely hands-off, provides the key for anyone to realize their own full potential.

Domainers work too hard developing sites from scratch that will never amount to much because they lack the branding and credibility that comes from a professional marketing team and celebrity endorsements. There are already developments like Waterfront in place, just waiting for your domains to ring them to life. I don't know why the PPC companies aren't all over them.
Martha Stewart even has one!

btw., The "developer behind the scenes" is working for domainers including

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