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Friday, April 18, 2008

Life After Domains

Begins with domains. Because when everyone is selling out, looking in the mirror and coming to terms with the fact they invested a lot of time, energy and net worth getting it wrong... few realize that the bigger opportunity is still there for those who can get it right.

For example a new Google policy has created new and urgent demand for a certain category of domains. Of course, people like Rick Schwartz and Frank Schilling already have what it takes to meet this demand, in addition to everything else that's right about their choices that makes them different then most choices.

And everyone among those selling off now, thinks they were following their lead and thus set for life.

But if you compare how the yours and their portfolios score against a litmus test of 10 critical characteristics, you'll see how far you missed the mark.

That litmus test and this story continued on Monday. It's a post that's sure to ruffle some feathers. And spark some renewed energy and ideas in those who actually embrace and adopt the crazy ideas they've learned from an old fart like me. And that includes the two guys who lead the pack who have not only listened for over 10 years, they've acted in ways you will never understand until the future they created, passes you by.

So next week when I remind you how everyone laughed at my suggestion "is Frank Schilling bigger then Google" you won't mind my saying I told you so when next week I prove why he is the only guy who has what it takes to step up when Google is a decision that businesses all over will have sound reason to re-examine.

Have a GREAT weekend.

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