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Friday, May 09, 2008

Drumming in the benefits of a good generic domain name

My friend and fellow Targeted Traffic Forum board member, Edwin Hayward, got it right with domains and got it early. Like me, he's one of the few domainers who truly understand the call to action potential of domains. The kind of results I blogged about in the post below thisone. Edwin's site advocates:

>>How many prospects see your URL, but never make it to your website or landing page? Far too many.

>>Everyone uses offline media to drive online traffic. Even if it’s just URLs on invoices and brochures.

>>But maybe your web address touches the wrong chord. Or is easily forgotten. Or is just plain hard to type in.

Of course this thinking limits the options for realizing domain potential when flipping in an indusrty so stuck on Overture scores and PPC. So Edwin made a very wise decision to break from the traditional insider's marketing strategy to reach a broader audience as an exhibitor at Internet World.

He writes: "Many of these visitors essentially fed our own sales pitch back to us as they thumbed through our domain catalogue, pointing out the merits for simplifying the SEO process because of the weight given by the search engines to exact match keyterms in the domain name, or for PPC in terms of increasing the click tendency and hence improving the CTR, and by derivation reducing the cost per click while maintaining the ad display position.

In many cases, those browsing with an eye for names that would fit the needs of larger clients were potentially interested in whole groups or collections of names covering identical or tightly overlapping products or services.

A corner of the stand, with bulging brochure rack We got the impression that they were pursuing a microsite strategy on behalf of such clients, i.e. developing a series of small sites targeted at a very specific product or service, which could be marketed independently in the search engines and ultimately drive very focused business."

He's right... microsites are the b2b solution we always knew would drive domain demand


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