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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rick Schwartz's Vertisi- Not As Dumb As You Think

I took a lot of heat for my endorsement of Rick's new project Vertisi. When confronted with the naysayers in private and public forums, I argued that My headline should have said Schwartz Launches HIS Next Revolution at Traffic.

The story is more about Rick's evolution and experience in advertising from blimps to mail order to 800#s to domains and now to what I have always talked about as a "window of opportunity." Literally.

Anyone who has been in mail order realizes that the sustainable success stories come from those who extend offline.

But how do you extend a website offline and give it a presence where stores can be $10-30K a month and require fixtures and staff?

Travelocity found the answer in Kiosks

the ibar has been announced.

and digital storefront billboards breath new life into property waiting for tenants.

Rick's idea has the potential to unite all of these ideas, where domains come in and that's where I see the revolution. Imagine a or netshops platform kiosk within Barnes & Noble.

Or a Castello Brothers kiosk in the heart of the city center.

Well stop imaging anymore because although mobile content is something consumers can buy and down-load virtually anywhere, Chinese Duo Guo is banking on a different approach by selling content through kiosks in brick-and-mortar stores.

It's actually as brilliant as my rationale for becoming a $100 million brand.

In both cases, no dotMOBI or Google required and THAT's what's revolutionary.

So what does this have to do with domains. Nothing and that's the point.

That's always been my point that more traffic is in malls and check out aisles with products and opportunities begging to capture their interest and data to engage a lifetime of relationships and sales. That's what makes Vertisi revolutionary. But only someone who can close sales could know that.

As I quoted Ogilvy in an earlier post:

"We sell – or else.

No sale, no commission. No commission, no eat. That made an impression on me.

You can’t save souls in an empty church."

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