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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Update: Depression 2.0- It's Time To Prepare

Flashback October 06'- $6 Billion Consumer Spending Wipeout:
While the mainstream press was focused on ANNA NICOLE, we were sharing what we knew about what everyone is finally experiencing first hand this week

We have a track record of getting it early and getting it right. Since so many naysayers laugh me off, I love to rub it in their face when I can prove them wrong, even if it takes years since my thoughts tend to go faster then life. We first published this in Nov 2007, but it was really on a weekend in 2006 when we first reported the news of the impending sub-prime melt down no one heard because everyone was too distracted with Anna Nicole Smith... Something to think about when you vote in November because if you are listening to all the spin on cable news about Sarah (the cable Anna Nicole ratings leverage of 2008) Palin, then you can’t hear your heart.

So I also want to repost of our chilling November 2007 forewarning. For those who laughed in my face and sent me anonymous venomous emails, take your mobis to the farm (if you can find one) and try to use them as currency to buy food when you are starving a year from now. Then you'll know what I've been trying to do here. It's TIME to prepare. Can YOU survive?

Drewbert: The average US citizen has been using their home as an ATM for years and that’s about to come to a grinding halt. The entire economy (and govt) have been running on a spend now, pay later system. Be prepared for recession, or worse, because the media has been hiding the real data. Anyone telling it like it really is gets branded “anti-American” by the flag-waving denialists. READ: The Panic of 1907: Lessons Learned from the Market's Perfect Storm

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