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Friday, November 14, 2008

You Can’t Just Sell Names. You Have to Market Them

If you just want to sell your domain name to a flipper, then listing it on a site where only other domainers go is probably as good a sales approach as any.

But the person that actually wants to make use of your name in a new or existing online business — and will pay a better price for it — doesn’t go to the domain sites. They don’t scour the lists looking for a name that fits their business idea. They think up and register their own name.

Or they discover an available name when searching the Web using terms — keywords — related to their business or industry.

Getting found by the prospects who could actually be interested in your name, because it speaks to their area of interest, is exactly what “Dressed For Domain Success” premium marketing services from Grand Names are all about. It’s what we mean when we say that we move your name off the list and onto the Web.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and when marketing domains to end-users this is something we all have to start thinking differently about. Just as you want to “look the part” and wear your best business attire for a job interview, your domain value proposition must be “Dressed For Domain Success” too—meaning it concisely and clearly expresses not just what it does, but what it can do for the buyer’s bottom line.

The first step in making your name pop up in prospects’ Google searches is posting text online that describes the potential use and value of your name to people and companies you believe are most likely to buy it. With “Dressed For Domain Success” you get that kind of keyword-rich ad, written by our Web-savvy copywriters. We place that text as a blog entry on the FragerFactor with a link to your name listing on Grand Names (for those priced under $1000).

Google-Powered FragerFactor (a member of Blogger-- Comscore's #3 rated social network with 40 million visitors a month) high on authority, credibility and traffic quality score rankings, is crawled constantly by all the search engines and is picked up on numerous sites that follow us by RSS and by agencies and end users who subscribe to alerts on specific keywords. What all of this means is that these ads and our members’ names do get found. And when they do, you have the prospect’s undivided attention and a direct contact link, versus leading them to a brokerage site that introduces them to hundreds of other names that compete with yours.

Here are some examples.

Our service brought those domains to life in a way that was easy for an end user to understand and offered compelling reasons to buy. And every time we mention them again (like we are doing now) they get noticed and distributed again. Both throughout the Google ecosphere as well as to millions of eyeballs following my feeds on Twitter, Ning and LinkedIn.

Of course, we can’t promise they’ll result in a sale. But compared to burying your name on domain sites your prospects don’t visit, this proactive effort gives you a better chance of reaching the person who has the need, authority and budget to buy. Plus, these searches give you insight into prospective buyers that you may never have thought of.

So the second step in marketing your name is one that you can do on your own: Search on the terms that brought prospects to your ad, see who buys ads on those keywords, decide if you believe any of those companies could put your domain to work, then reach out directly to them to explain what you have to offer.

That’s where the next part of the “Addressed For Domain Success” program comes in. After our ad has helped you look your best in the Google search results, you need to look your best when you communicate with prospective buyers. You do that with a professionally designed logo and supporting graphics, so you can show prospects how the name might look on billboards, T-shirts, shelf-talkers and all the ways that consumers might encounter an aggressively marketed domain out in the real-world.

The complete “Addressed For Domain Success” program includes a professionally designed logo, plus business cards you can print on perforated card stock and letterhead in a Word file so you can send business-like communications without having to print up stationery.

To learn more about how we can help sell your name faster and possibly command a higher asking price, contact me directly.

About The Author: Owen Frager is an Internet marketing expert ready to help take your company to the next level.

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