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Monday, December 01, 2008 "My Domaining Mummy Works In Her Night Gown!"

Grand Names VIP, Kelly Lieberman, is a serial entrepreneur, domain strategist, devoted mom. And she remembers vividly the day her daughter, Lily, “outed” her as a work-at-home parent

Lily was in first grade. She was asked to draw a picture of what her parents did for a living, and what she would like to do when she grew up.

During the parent-teacher conference, Kelly and husband Joe say pictures of Joe in a suit at his desk with a computer, Lily as a princess, and Kelly in a night gown with a laptop on a bed.

“I was mortified,” Kelly recalls. “Thank goodness everyone knew me.”That was about a decade ago. We’re chatting on the phone on Black Friday (that day after Thanksgiving when retailers hope consumer sales will propel their businesses into the black for the year). And Lieberman, still handles her 1,100 domains (like, and and manages her family’s real estate holdings from her home office in Overland Park, Kansas.

Actually, these are just the latest home-based businesses Lieberman has run in 22 years as an entrepreneur. She’s had a successful carpet cleaning business, overseen vast commercial and agricultural real estate investments, and handled a variety of other businesses right-sized and ideally suited to the home office. From there, she and husband Joe (no, the other Joe Lieberman) dote on daughter, Lily, 15.

Learn what Kelly’s learned in two decades of home-based work…

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