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Monday, January 04, 2010

Smartest Domainer Alive- Morgan Linton: A Christmas Story

Continuing and extending our year end series previously featuring past or future guests, including--Skip Hoagland, Bruce Marler and David Carter, and Ron Jackson... we present a future contributor and producer of his own soon-to-be-launced Domain Name Television Channel, Morgan Linton.

2009 Completions

One of the good things that happened in 2009 was…
the world made a shift from intense consumer spending to increased consumer saving. In the United States in particular the average person became more aware than ever of the importance of saving and investing their money. In the Domaining world this made it difficult for many people to sell their domains as frankly people just weren’t spending as much money –period. That being said – domain sales GREW y/y showing the incredible strength and growth potential for our industry!

e of the things I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to is…
PPC. That’s it – the ship has sailed! 2010 marks the year where I set my sights on Affiliate Marketing. While PPC has been a faithful companion over the years I am ready to take the plunge and reclaim my revenue!

One of
the things I feel I learned in 2009 was…
How important it is to network within the Domaining community. As I started to contact Domainers over the course of 2009 I found-out how rewarding it was to talk with other like-minded people and share ideas. I’ve already made some great friends and am looking forward to making many more in 2010!
One of the
blessings of 2009 was…
to have had such a strong year in my business when so many people around the world experienced financial destitution. Not a day goes by that I don’t remind myself how lucky I am…of course hard work and getting little sleep definitely helped!

One of my acco
mplishments that I’m proudest of in 2009 is…
Developing some strong revenue producing domains and using the techniques I learned with each to improve all of my developed domains. I studied the small tweaks I made and the consequences they had on my revenue. It was exhilarating to see the same methods work when applied to domains across different categories and TLD’s. I end the year with absolute confidence that I can take just about any domain and turn it into a money-making machine!

As I say goodbye t
o 2009, I feel…
ready to move-onto the next year. There are so many incredible lessons I had in 2009 I feel engaged and excited to chart a new path in the Domaining world!

2010 Thoughts and Pre

One of the things I’m
hoping for in 2010…
is for Domainers and Affiliate Marketers to get-together, share ideas, and become a more integrated community. When Domaining first started the idea of parking a domain with strong type-in traffic was paramount. Now with so much focus on development it is clear we all have a lot to learn from the Affiliate Marketing community – and there is plenty of great information we can share with them as well. By working together I think we can all achieve great things next year!

2010 will likely be the y
ear I…
create the first television show about Domaining! In 2010 I am creating a television show all about Domaining showing people outside of our industry why domain names can make such a great investment. Our industry is still tiny while there are literally hundreds of millions of people making major investments in both real estate and the stock market without even think of domain names as an investment vehicle. My blog and book have inspired many people to get involved with Domaining just as I have been inspired by many of the incredible people in the industry. Together I think we can all inspire more qualified investors to buy domain names and grow our industry exponentially!

One of the ways I’ll measure
success in 2010 is…
monthly revenue growth from my domains. This a number I am absolutely obsessed with – my business is focused on developing completely PASSIVE income streams. I am less concerned with a big project one month or a huge domain sale as I am with building-up a consistent monthly income stream from my domains.

One of the things I wish myself i
that I can become an Affiliate Marketing guru…okay maybe that is too large of a goal – let’s go with intermediate-level Affiliate Marketer for now. After attending the Affiliate Convention in Los Angeles I realized how much I still had to learn about Affiliate Marketing. If I can use the techniques I learn to develop a reliable system for getting even more revenue out of my domains I will consider this wish granted!

One of the ways I can support my effo
rts is by…
Attending as many affiliate marketing conferences as I can and network with more people in the Affiliate Marketing community.

One of the first steps I need to take in
the new year is…
Get to Affiliate Summit, TRAFFIC, DomainFEST, and Domainer Mardi Gras and then release the first episode of Domainvestors Television. The TV show is a major focus of mine in 2010 and I think attending these conferences is an crucial step in making the show the very best that it can be!

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