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Friday, January 29, 2010

Working Naked Day is February 1st. Time to Strip Down and Get to Work!

Whether you're working in your business suit or birthday suit, working from home offers many challenges, benefits, and adventures. Working Naked Day on February 1st is dedicated to helping the more than 37 million home office professionals who are working naked—working without the support of the corporate workplace—to improve the way they work from home. Home office expert and author Lisa Kanarek offers five tips for making working from home a little easier:

Know the best place to do it. Before you decide where to set up your home office, evaluate every room and ask yourself: Will I actually work in this area? Can I keep distractions to a minimum? Is there enough lighting and are there enough outlets? Is there enough room for all of my equipment, files, and supplies?

Find the right position. There are five basic furniture arrangements for your home office: L-shape; U-shape; Parallel (desk with credenza behind you); corner (desk faces the wall); or reverse corner arrangement (desk faces into the room). The arrangement you choose depends primarily on the size of your office, the type of furniture you have, and how much work surface you’ll need.

Size doesn't matter.
You can work in a 15’ x 15’ home office or inside a small, walk-in closet. The size of your home office won’t affect how productive you are. What matters is how you use that space. Make use of your walls and add shelves above or near your desk. Use a 3-in-1 printer, copier and scanner to save space.

Decide if it’s better by yourself or with your spouse.
Before you share a home office with your spouse, consider whether you have compatible working styles. A neat spouse can drive a packrat up the wall and out of the office. Spouses work better together if each person has his own desk and “space” that’s off limits to the other spouse.

Don’t wait until you’re in the mood. Set a specific time to work in your home office each day. The time will change daily, but if you don’t target a certain start time, it may be late afternoon before you get to work.

With these five simple tips, your home office will be a place where you enjoy working, even if your commute is only seconds each day. For more home office tips, visit Kanarek’s site at

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