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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Make Up (.com) and $2.3 Million Reasons Why It Pays To Invest In Good Domains

Yesterday DNJournal started reporting on sales by Frank Schilling's NameAdministration sales arm Proforma. the average price was $20,000.

Compare that to the average price for the names most people are selling on Bido. Names they are investing thousands in buying and carrying whereas Frank's names carried themselves. I see names like those going in this econ my for $500-$2500 so where is the margin in 50 .mx and .ins when you can on a $22K domain for a song?

Sure you may not ht the jackpot like one lucky domainer did today selling to Loreal for over a million. Or another domainer who sold for $1.3 million.*

I mean why settle for a tendon when you can cash out with an arm and a leg?


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