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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frager Creative Team Helps Rebrand The Forrest Solutions Group

"Owen - I finally have a moment to say - Well done my friend, the end product is absolutely fantastic and getting rave responses - just so great to see how all your work and efforts came to fruition and we have soooooo much to be proud of . From me to you - Great great job and look forward to seeing you soon I hope.You are a special gentlemen and a great friend for life."
~~ Jim Caton, CEO and Chief Chaos Officer at Forrest Solutions Group

I am on the business development team at FSG and have already begun using the new rebranded materials with clients and prospects; I can tell you the responses have been fantastic! You have done a great job illustrating what separates us from the pack.

~~Ed Simpson, recently named, "Experience Director"

I can finally reveal a secret I've had to keep for the past six months:

Forrest Solutions, one of New York's oldest and most successful staffing companies, has rebranded itself as
Forrest Solutions Group and established two Operating Companies within it as FSS, to deliver enterprise-wide Staffing Solutions, and FSO, to deliver full service On site Outsourcing Solutions.

A long-standing resident of Manhattan, Forrest Solutions' deep relationships with the City's businesses and professionals have made it the veteran of numerous exceptional service and employee awards over the years and a trusted partner when it comes to temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire and consulting talent needs.

Starting with focus groups in New York, the Frager Creative team conceived of messaging, competitive assessment and differentiation and branding, wrote, designed and delivered 3 print print brochures including a 16-page booklet (shot all on location around New York landmarks) that captures the "personal, passionate and productive" spirit of FSO.

We developed comprehensive message maps for FSO and also
penned a new website for FSO working in concert with developers Squeaky Wheel Media in New York who exceeded all expectations on design and so it comes as no surprise that they were distinguished as Small Agency Of The Year by AdAdge.

All of the major themes you see ("work with people who love what they do" "sleep easy" and "Outsouring Reimagined" were conceived sometimes with a stroke of brilliance in the middle of the night or on inflight to visit with FSO, one theme scratched on the back of a barf bag.

This is the most complex project we've ever done, working with the entire executive team and a strategy executive who was brilliant all the way. Our creative team of
Ottip Ramos, Ken Norkin and photographers extraordinaire Trix Rosen and Richard Freeda turned out some of their best work.

Mitch Weiner, the Chairman of FSO and I met while he was running sales and me marketing at
Alcatel. Understanding our ability to get it right and give sales reps "field-real" sales tools that really got results, he became one of Frager Creative' first clients as agency to Alcatel where we helped Mitch double Alcatel sales and be acquired by NeoPost. The over the past 20 years we've helped him build position and launch a revolutionary idea for major corporations at the time, outsourcing. How do you communicate a concept that's never existed?

We did and helped Archer Management Services grow from $10 to $100 Million in sales, from one office in New York, to 40 offices worldwide, from 100 people to 3,000 people employed. It's what we do. Archer got acquired by Oce, a multi-billion dollar brand now owned by Ricoh, who has also been a 20 client of ours and Mitch moved on to Forrest Solutions where we helped him launch this second outsourcing company which grew rapidly from zero to $100 Million in sales and acquisition by billion-dollar Global brand, Swiss Post. It's what we do help and MIdas-Touch Mitch has found no one that can do it better.

Here's a look of some of our creative work for Forrest Solutions Group (Click to enlarge). In the photo the executive client team meets with co-creative directors Owen Frager (reviewing the lastest design on the screen and the brilliant Imelda Suriato (getting client's sign off after 6 months of intense work)

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