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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

George Pickering is Bullish on Dot CO- 2PM ONLY 2 SEATS Left!!

After reading here that Jon Kimball had secure the dot CO of his home town, George Pickering got busy protecting his best revenue generators: Local Experts .CO regs: TwinCities.CO, HamptonRoads.CO, NorthernVirginia.CO, Charlottesville.CO, DiscJockey.CO, and DiscJockeys.CO.

George's Local Experts acquired
EPIK appraisal $2716 Estibot Appraisal $970

So it seems like two of our sponsors Epik and dotCO are perfect together.

Find out how Epik can change your destiny at 2PM where you can chat with CEO Rob Monster live. Only 2 seats LEFT

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