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Monday, September 13, 2010

Newt Gingrich Scores America At Risk (.com)

"This crap conflates radical fundamentalists with Islam. That is in and of itself vile - but I'm sure it will play well to the stupid... Radical Christians versus radical Muslims. I'm supposed to care who wins? How about we stop giving power to both. Nothing to fear but fear itself - wake up people" ~~ mark matson

Someday when you run a search on keyword America, those from a different world will get a horrible impression thanks to the KKKWTR (Klu Klux Klan Without The Robes) very far right conservatives who are buying up domain names to be used to spread hate and fear mongering and other propaganda. Such is the case with AmericaAtRisk, disgraced former speaker of the house Newt's 20120 Presidential Campaign ad disguised as a "documentary." He joins Andrew Breitbart,, and; Karl Rove,; and Tea Party puppeteer Dick Army

As was discussed in DomainNameNews, as political campaigns move online, and make up the biggest ad spend in the two years between mid-term and presidential, if you own domain names that appeal to either party or PAC group (the people who usually put out the hate and negative messages so those running can stay "clean and removed," plus lobbyists (like the energy ads starting with Pickens Plan, the Healthcare ads, the Teachers union ads that are all aimed at government influence)-- the chances of your ship coming in are greater than ever, because Politicians GET domain names.

(**problem Mark is this is one of the perfect storm elements leading up the 2012 and the end of days. For those who believe it's deeper than just hate. This is a religious war that will determine who is right and who is wrong. But the ending can't be pretty no matter who plays the part)

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