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Saturday, October 30, 2010

ShopCity's 8000 Domains Poised To Rule Emerging Trillion Online to Offline Commerce Market

The company is carefully screening applicants for exclusive rights to and generous revenue shares that make this a game-changing opportunity to secure the rights to your community.

We're been following ShopCity since Frank Schilling introduced me to its founder Colin Pape more than 2 years ago. We had Colin on as a guest on, as the company was just getting started after a decade in stealth mode. Colin talked about the platform, his recent alliances with the Mountainview Chamber of Commerce and launch of

The company has been on a roll ever since.

What makes ShopCity domains different than all other developed GEOs, is that it's not a technology platform to sell ads on- it's a sales platform powered by technology. More than a typical Geo directory site, ShopCity domains build on the growth of local commerce by linking online and physical commerce.

ShopCity seamlessly connects local people, local businesses, and local organizations in a powerful way for a good cause.

The company was conceived from a belief that being socially responsible and giving back to our community is key.

They build infrastructures that empower local businesses everywhere to be the big dogs on their own block, and to see that there are advantages to being a local business that giant corporations can’t begin to tap into.

ShopCity offers everything online that a local business needs to grow and thrive, from local listings, coupon and gift certificate generation, email marketing, and full shopping cart to increased visibility and a place to be found by people dedicated to shopping locally.

Over the last ten years has built an impressive online infrastructure providing a gathering place for local businesses to showcase themselves to people who want to keep their hard-earned money from ending up in a corporate headquarters a thousand miles away. They have the domain strength of 8,000 cities worldwide and growing (,, and thousands of others), combined with unmatched offline advertising.

We all know that Groupon’s growth has been nothing short of extraordinary, but it’s merely a small subset of an even larger category which TechCrunch is naming online-to-offline commerce, or On2Off (O2O) commerce, in the vein of other commerce terms like B2C, B2B, and C2C.

The key to O2O commerce that ShopCity, like Groupon, enables is according to TechCrunch, "that it finds consumers and brings them into real-world stores. It's a combination of a payment model and foot traffic generator for merchants (as well as a “discovery” mechanism for consumers) that creates offline purchases. It is inherently measurable, since every transaction (or reservation, for things like OpenTable) happens online. This is distinctively different from the directory model (think: Yelp, CitySearch, etc) in that the addition of payment helps quantify performance and close the loop—more on that later."

TechCrunch advises: "Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs would be wise to think beyond cloning the “deal of the day” concept—and instead think about how the discovery, payment, and performance measurement of offline commerce can move online. This will have ripple effects across the whole Internet industry — advertising, payments, and commerce — as trillions of dollars in local consumer spending increasingly begin online."

ShopCity is far and away the best online infrastructure for bringing that to reality. Founders have redefined the whole concept of online community, leveraging a shared sense of common purpose and belonging that can be a powerful force for change. This makes it a cause members are embracing, not just an offer they are buying.

They even promote local ownership and operation of their own systems.

ShopCity recently acquired and launched, created a successful partnership with The City of Mountainview, their Chamber of Commerce and Embaradaro Publishing's Mountainview voice who will all leverage their existing relations to build a community on unlike any other. Like many communities, the keywords "Shop Mountainview" were an existing, but resource constrained, marketing campaign from the Chamber that ShopCity was able to brand and give wings to.

Having developed this proven sales and marketing formulas for success, additional partners are being sought to take a stake in other cities.

Partners save time and money making errors and wasting time. The ShopCity sales model was built to be easy integrated into partner's existing sales channels and is much simpler for reps to sell than search engine marketing or other web solutions. The turnkey solution is up and running in weeks, and includes everything partners need to hit the ground running with no need to spend months debating details and managing custom builds by committee,.

The company is carefully screening applicants for exclusive rights to and generous revenue shares (see screen cap above) that make this a game-changing opportunity to secure the rights to your community.

Rights to each exact match domain branded campaign can be sold abd youtr deed of ownership fully transferrable.

Check out the new partners program at and if interested, click on the link to take the matter further.

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