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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Domaining's Most Fascinating People- Warren Royal: "HEADED For Success"

"The precipitous plunge in parking revenue over the past year has left many domain owners looking for lifejackets. They find themselves fighting a powerful undertow generated by Google and Yahoo's desire to fatten their own margins by cutting payouts to their partners. Finding themselves in this subservient situation has made freedom from the kings of PPC the #1 item on the domain commoner's Christmas wish list this year." ~~ Ron Jackson (who also took the photos used in this piece)

One man who has successfully made the leap and proven that just one domain in a portfolio can be worth more then the time and effort dealing with all is Warren Royal.

Warren and I have been friends for years as I watched his Bobbleheads idea germinate and grow before the eyes of all on Rick Schwartz's private forum. In Brooklyn at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York 2009, when I had breakfast with Warren, he laid out his plans for going from importing standard items to specifying items for production and even licensing the likenesses of famous politicians, actors and humanitarians. It was at this conference where Warren made a name for himself by creating, manufacturing and distributing a Ron Jackson Bobblehead to all that attended. I was immediately struck by Warren's marketing instinct. He knew that touching people personally in this way would create a memorable experience and emotional ties to his brand. And that's what this year's award is all about.

And it is fitting that Ron Jackson himself best tells Warren's story in a 2008 DnJournal cover story and November 2010 update where Ron wrote: "Warren Royal made one of the best investments in his life when he acquired for $30,000 in the spring of 2008. Using that category defining domain name as his foundation, Royal went on to build into the world's premier source for collectible bobblehead products.

Warren's success has not gone unnoticed. Digimedia, the new media powerhouse co-founded by legendary domainer Scott Day, has made an equity investment in Royal Bobbles LLC, the company Royal founded to own and operate Digimedia owns some of the best generic domain names on the Internet, including, and They have been steadily building profitable businesses on their domains with and being prime examples."

With DigiMedia's investment to help grow the business and its back end, Warren can focus on what he does best— product conceptualization and savvy marketing. And smart marketing was demonstrated again by Warren in a coup that got his company featured on CBS, resulting from making custom caricature Bobbleheads of the CBS news team. As I watched the segment and learned of Warren's new personalized product line, I realized that Warren's product can be customized to open any door you'd ever want to. And this accelerates the time needed to build a brand by traditional methods. Heck, if I wanted to get a proposal to anyone— let's say even Donald Trump, by initiating an order to make a Trump Bobblehead and send it with my proposal might capture his personal attention versus a typical proposal that is screened by gatekeepers and ends up in the circular file. I have a client who has been looking to send something to Rush Limbaugh and other commentators like him who are best prospects for a million dollar domain that he is selling. Warren may hold the key.

I can also see a huge untapped opportunity for Warren's concepts in the corporate meetings and incentives space, where I have a lot of experience. Making and bestowing personal Bobbleheads of the various teams at President's Conference would make a great keepsake and memory of a moment that would be forever etched in time. This is how the corporate client would build their own brand and loyalty creating a true emotional bond with its employees. Using "I'm calling from" would provide instant credibility when attempting to open this market.

But the key to success is the domain Observes Jackson, "Warren's story is one of the best examples you will ever find of the value and power of a generic .com domain. He bought for just $30,000 and has since developed a thriving business on the domain - a business that was given an immeasurable boost by being built on the name that defines the entire product category."

Congratulations Warren and best wishes for continued success.

PS. Behold the power of marketing. Warren was featured on two different segments during the show. You can see a video clip of his first segment here. The second segment, which the reporter closed by showing the Ron Jackson bobblehead doll (thankfully without sticking any pins in it!), can be seen here.

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