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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Domaining's Most Fascinating People of 2010: Jeffrey Tinsley— "Internet domain names businesses become a fast way to a fortune"

"People search is expected to be a $10.8 billion business by 2013, according to a recent Forrestor study, so MyLife seems to have hit a possible goldmine in terms of revenue."

Think about all the POWER you hold in your hands that can be unleashed from a simple domain name. There is never been a better time or opportunity to chase your passion and live your dream. But if it weren't for Jeffrey Tinsley you wouldn't be reading this right now. As founder of Great Domains, Jeff was responsible for establishing domains a valuable commodity, being first to deliver proof of concept in million dollar sales and resulting publicity that got my attention and that of thousands like me who got drawn into this business.

In the first of many lives, Jeff was founder and CEO of, the world's leading secondary domain name marketplace. Always astute on the value of brand building, he was instrumental in helping turn an unproven business concept into a profitable company with unique marketing like actors on wall street. As the market leader, was responsible for facilitating some of the largest domain-name sales in the industry through its service and platform, including for $3 million.

One of Tinsley's guerrilla marketing efforts back then was "The Auction Countdown Tour and the advertising campaign— an integrated effort to ensure that all relevant decision makers know about the auction. The advertising, in Forbes and Wall Street Journal was aimed toward and/or personally visit each mainstream companies, with headlines like:
--"Hey Dreamworks: is for sale. Don't let some film school dropout corner the Internet movie market."

--"Hey H&R Block: is for sale. Better not write off this one."

--"Hey Wells Fargo: is for sale. Is that money in the bank or what?"

In a press release in 2000 Great Domains wrote: "The unlikely trio of Uncle Sam, a Hollywood Starlet and Mr. Moneybags, representing,, and, respectively, sets out Tuesday, January 18 on a tour across the United States to spread the word about an auction for these domain names that ends at 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, January 28, 2000 at

"With this tour, and the exposure we intend to generate, our objective is to ensure that all interested parties have had a chance to bid on these extremely rare and valuable domain names," said Jeffrey Tinsley, chief executive officer. "No doubt, each of these names will serve as brands for billion dollar companies."

I don't think mainstream was ready and still may not be. But at the end of the year 2000, the company was acquired by publicly-traded VeriSign, the Internet's leading domain name registry, for a reported $100 million. (The key and only asset, its domain name was later sold to Sedo who revived the brand as a monthly auction)

Anyone else would have retired with this payout. Not Tinsley. A lifetime of ideas, riches and rewards would be churned by this serial entrepreneur at a rapid pace. In his current act, Jeffrey founded MyLife and is the company's CEO and Chairman. He is responsible for the company's overall direction and strategies toward building the Internet's single source for finding people and staying connected on the Web.

According to TechCrunch: "MyLife is on track to record $60 Million this year. Tinsley says the site is getting 26 million monthly unique visitors according to Omniture’s statistics. comScore actually reports that the site saw half that traffic, or 12.7 million unique visitors in October.

Tinsley says that MyLife has 41 million registered members and is adding 2.4 million U.S. monthly members monthly. The site currently lists 205 million U.S. records out of 1.2 billion people records worldwide. And in terms of revenue, Tinsely says that MyLife will see $60 million in revenue in 2010, and is expected to grow by 40 percent in 2011.

Jeffrey founded the company in 2002, originally under the name, after meeting his wife at his 10-year high school reunion. Through his direction, the company has consistently grown since inception to become one of the most visited properties on the Internet, with a membership of more than 50 million members. The company has received many accolades, and Jeffrey himself was recognized as an E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Semi-Finalist in 2008.

And now he's one of domaining's most fascinating people of 2010.

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