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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Domaining's Most Fascinating People: Rock Star Power Broker Jeffrey Gabriel— Sex Sells. Poker and Yahoo Too.

"It was all part of Jeffrey's best year ever delivering for $23 million in sales
for Sedo during the last 12 months"

Jeffrey Gabriel came onto my radar when I read that both Mike Berkens and Frank Schilling— who collectively have the best sales skills in the industry— turned over end-user leads to Jeffrey to close, believing he could be more effective selling their domain names then they could by selling them themselves. And sell them he did, making Jeff their go-to guy for closing lucrative end-user sales.

It was all part of Jeffrey's best year ever delivering for $23 million in sales for Sedo during the last 12 months, including the highest priced single domain sale of the year and ever, ( for $13 million), the highest .ORG sale on record ( and smaller more routine sales for Jeff like at $500K (co-brokered with Matt Rosebrook), and for $220K (for Frank Schilling).

The sale Jeffrey is most proud of happened back in April when he suggested, and acquired, Me.Me for his client Yahoo who is using it as their "Twitter killer" in Europe and Asia. Pretty good for a guy who joined the company just two years ago with a background in Mortgage and Human Resource sales and who knew nothing of domains.

According to Jeffrey, "Owners get very emotionally attached to their domains and sometimes have unrealistic expectations about returns. I serve as a voice of reason that detaches the emotions." On the flip side, according to Frank Schilling: "The best thing about Jeffrey has to be his great sense of timing. He just seems to know when people (us included) have finished posturing and are ready to make a deal. There are names we've quoted to him 3 and 4 months ago that we've forgotten about and all of a sudden he'll email an accepted offer to us on."

With these sales Jeffrey has attracted the attention of mainstream media and brought increased visibility to the power of great domain names to Fortune 500 corporations around the world. It all contributes to an industry maturing and being taken seriously.

Jeffrey brings a much needed skill to domain brokering— marketing—and has applied it to catapult Sedo above the rest in the highly competitive marketplace for auctions and brokerages. Simply put, Jeffrey Gabriel's built a brand within the Sedo brand that makes Sedo, as a brand, as strong as the people and experiences that surround it.

But Jeffrey is very modest about these contributions to Sedo and to the industry at-large. When I asked Jeffrey whether he is basked in celebrations and honors at Sedo he told me, "We celebrate together as a team. Every sale counts. While I have been given the opportunity to handle some of the big ones, all of us at Sedo understand that every deal no matter how big or small are equally important to our success, and are celebrated just the same."

From my own experience good sales people like Jeffrey are hard to find. Most sales are made on the 10th call but most sales people give up on the first. That’s why there’s the 80/20 rule in sales— that 20% of the sales force will deliver 80% of the sales. The rest turnover like pancakes.

Jeffrey wouldn't share a lot of his secrets during our brief conversation, but he did offer some common sense sales basics that we know but often need reminding of. “Most domainers, they don't even make a call at all, they send an email and assume rejection if it goes unanswered. It might just be sitting in spam. Or directed to the wrong executive.” According to Jeffrey, "the first no only means they don't like your initial proposal. I’ve turned many a no into a yes. Don't be afraid to pick up a phone. Probe to get to the right decision maker. Don't fear rejection.”

To Jeffrey, good luck and continued success.

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