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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Domainings' Most Fascinating People of 2010- Mike Fiol "The Guy Behind The Guy Who Owns The Internet"

What HE said

All I can add is that this year's honorees are all selected due to creativity, innovation and marketing. is all that plus a great name too. I enjoy Mike's blog which is a unique and refreshing addition to my daily read list. I admire that you have both passion for this dream and the guts to stick with it and finance its promotion until it sticks itself.
I salute you Mike Fiol!

Now since I am bedridden with an injury awaiting surgery, I will thank Ron Jackson for making this story easier on me. Please read What HE said

Photo: DnJournal
Fiol & Friends via Merlin Kauffman. Looks like he lives the domain good life.

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