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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Most Fascinating Domainers- 2010: "The Situation" is a "Shore" Thing on Adam Matuzich's iPhone App - in the top 10 for 2010!

"Adam is and has been my right hand guy for almost 10 years and he is still under 30. Incredibly hard-working and dedicated! Adam, like myself, hasn't had a day off in well almost 10 years." - Mike Berkens, World Wide Media, Inc.

How on earth could you grab enough free time, when you're a lead consultant and tech wizard for World Wide Media and developing sites and managing some 75,000 domain names, to have yourself hijacked by your own imagination into the free-for-all arena of iPhone app development?

For Adam Matuzich, it was a matter of using his domaining instincts to sniff out a huge untapped opportunity and get creative with it. Mix in what's hot and trending on TV, his own app development skill, and just enough free time to punch out a top ten iPhone application based on "Jersey Shore"'s Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. The Situation app includes Sorrentino's workout routines, mapping to nearby gyms and tanning salons, a “grenade dodger” game, and even a direct email link to the star. From its inception, it soared into the iPhone app stratosphere - even as "The Situation" found himself on Dancing With The Stars, on the covers of tabloids and in demand on late night talk shows.

I asked Adam how and why he came up with this idea. He told me, “Like how most of my business decisions start, it was more of a question of why not than why. The idea came late at night, the next morning we were on the phone discussing details. Stuff that was impossible just a few years ago is simple today. This includes connecting with anyone you want and executing ideas in weeks not years. You rarely regret doing something. Most of us in our industry got here by trying something others weren’t.”

The new season of “Jersey Shore” debuted last week as MTV’s highest rated show in the network’s history. With The Situation constantly promoting the app to his half a million Twitter followers and the 8 million viewers who watched the premiere, the app’s popularity is sure to continue.

In Domaining, it often times a partner to make it. Finding a Wilbur to your Orville. Mike and Adam are lucky to have met and for that partnership, I salute you too.

For his ingenuity and resourcefulness, I'm pleased to honor Adam Matuzich as one of Domaining 2010's Most Fascinating People.

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