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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Most Fascinating Domainers 2010: Francois Carrillo and Ron Josephs - Domainers with Growing "Eyeball Share"

"The Headline is BY FAR the least expensive and BEST way to sell domains to other Domainers. I usually sell several domains with each ad. Not to mention buying and selling Epik Bucks. Where else can you get in front an entire industry for $150. You would be shocked to find out how many "non domainers" read Domaining and I sell to. Look at my Ad on now. All hand registered in the last few days. Over $35000 Valuate- I'll sell several today. I've been "trying to keep this quiet" so not too many people use it. It really gets good response."~~ Ron Josephs,

Grammarians, run for cover or fume with indignation that domain can now be conjugated, including the participial domaining, thanks (or curses, if you must) to the irreverent wordsmithery of Francois Carrillo, a native Parisian whose English is at best sparse. It naturally follows that he would launch, a one-stop, aggregation-feed community of domain blogs and other industry news and ideas about domain real estate. The idea, like the Drudge Report, was to build a site on the backs of others' content, brilliant in its simplicity -- and especially brilliant because Francois, a non-English speaker, was to provide English keywords about an entire industry all in one place.

That’s a lot of “sticky” reasons for tens of thousands of eyeballs to show up every day. It makes one wonder why a big company like Sedo, Fabulous or Oversee didn’t think of it first!

Those sites have domains to sell, and if you consign yours to them it's likely to be buried in a list of millions. You should and MUST be on those sites. But in contrast, Francois has opened up a sponsored headline advertising opportunity that puts your names upfront, in the spotlight, on the marquee for tens of thousands of daily readers to consider, plus many thousands more in e-Newsetters to capture the attention of those who don't have time to check the site every day.

And you don’t have to be a big domain company or blogger to advertise there. Domainers of all sizes take note: advertising works, on whatever scale. For Francois, it was the inspiration to see where the domaining business was, then radically apply bricks-and-mortar advertising tactics to open up nothing less than a domain department store -- very unlike, and others like them, where a listing can languish in obscurity for years. This was something new. Pay a fee via PayPal, and you're a sponsored headline above the fold.

Crossing paths with Francois and sharing similar ideas, Ron Josephs recently launched, which includes a broad portfolio of names he's been acquiring since the mid-nineties, now advertised on his own site and on "I get sales every day I advertise," he says. "I don't do any SEO, I don't do anything out of the ordinary, I just advertise." And the effectiveness of Francois' site? "It's the best for attracting the top four hundred or so domainers, and the general public too. For the amount you pay to advertise, you're getting in front of the whole market in one shot - you can't do it anywhere else." He adds, "When you get as much exposure as possible, you get more buyers at higher prices."

Ron has over a thousand "lower-priced" domains (under $25,000) publicly for sale - and an unrevealed number of premium domains closely held, waiting for the right buyer needing the perfect name. Such as his coveted “Plus Sized” domain collection recently traded to Rob Monster for cash and Epik Bucks (which he in turn, makes more money on). For domains in the six-figure range, the market works fine in stealth mode.

I'm happy to honor both men for their achievements in 2010 - applying tried-and-true, in-your-face advertising techniques to an industry that's been operating for years largely with limited options. Do the right thing at the right time, good things will happen.

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