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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday: Go Daddy and The Mother of All Pigeon Shit

‎"When people start selling machines to make picks and shovels, that probably signals the end of the gold rush."

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and things are SHAPING up nicely for Go Daddy's new Super Bowl ad.

Today is the day when most add a little party to their football. But for some of the population— the domain addicted fortune seekers among us— it will be a day to drink way too much beer, get smitten by the GoDaddy girls and go to the computer to register what each thinks is the world's next biggest and brightest idea.

It doesn't even matter whether it is a trademark infringement, because the first timers to this club know no better. They don't even consider why these gems weren't thought of before by someone else.

Then on Monday when you post the domain in a forum at 100x markup and wonder why people are laughing, you will begin a process that 10 years and $100 each domain later, you'll still be hanging on to your dream, living in denial. And Bob Parsons will be laughing all the way to the bank as this year's take will bring Go Daddy close to the 50 million registration mark and and $1 billion dollars of hard earned money transferred from YOUR wallet to THEIRS.

A whopping 70% of these registrations and this revenue is compromised of domains known as "pigeon shit." These are best described as alcohol-induced registrations that don't stand a chance of making money but will guarantee to drain money. Yes these money suckers are the root of all domain evil. Hard to believe it all starts on what is otherwise a glorious upbeat Super Bowl Sunday.

So you hear Go Daddy described as the "World's Largest Registrar." But never the "World's Largest Benefactor of Pigeon Shit Domains." I wonder when they go public if this will need to be disclosed?

Whatever, more power to them for at leat THEY have found the formula for wealth via domains.

On the upside today, for the first time, Go Daddy will offer a new extension
.CO fraught with opportunities and possibilities for real businesses in a way that has never been possible before.

IT'S NOT A SPECULATOR'S domain. But it's a domain ideal for any start-up, new product launch, event or idea that could never be satisfied when serious business people clicked through to Go Daddy during the past Super Bowl Sundays.

Will this be the domain event that will change the world? I doubt it.

When all the public excitement (and the lesser-known hype on feeds) dies down and you ask what does all of this mean to you and if yours is a basket full of pigeon shit domains— perhaps it gives the false sense of optimism you need to keep these dependants of yours supporting Go Daddy past the $billion mile mark and beyond.

According to ABC, "Before the company began airing Super Bowl commercials, it had 16 percent market share of new domain registrations. This Sunday, one commercial will feature Patrick and Michaels and another will be a new "Go Daddy Girl" spot.

"She's a Hollywood icon, so you will recognize her immediately," said Parsons, without revealing the identity of the celebrity. "When the idea came up, we knew it was a good idea, and I believe she agreed pretty quickly."

The new spokeswoman will promote the Web domain extension .co, which is an abbreviation of .com and the code assigned to the country of Colombia.

"It's an abbreviated dotcom and it's going to be defined as a better dotcom," said Parsons. "We've got the people behind it and promoting it."

May God bless the new GoDaddy girl and you.

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