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Friday, May 27, 2011

Domain King Calls It! Big Names Abandon Broadcasting and Politics For Their Own Domain Soap Box on the Web

"Remember….if you think you can't then you are right.
If you think you are also right." 
~~Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz is a profit who is 100% right about the 20-year evolution plan for domains catching on the web. It's because this is about cultural connections not algorithmic ones. Getting out and watching people live, love, surf, buy and communicate. is how the web will be won.

Said Schwartz years ago, ""We are witnessing the greatest shift in advertising dollars and investment in the history of the universe. The money is flying towards the Internet. The thing they tried to kill a decade ago is the only thing that can save them today and in the future. Media is tripping over themselves trying to make things go viral. Be relevant. Be social. Talk to their viewers on their level. Some are good at it, some look like fools."

Rick was an earlier adapter and pioneer of social media and chatboards. He secured long before the citizen journalist movement – and then watched as CNN banked on this precious brand – BEFORE ensuring the domain was available, leading to $750,000 in Schwartz’s pocket. More pointedly, though, CNN validated Schwartz’s belief that the Internet is the global soapbox (potentially for 6.5 billion people today), and that Madison Avenue continues to watch as the ship sails farther to sea.

Said Schwartz, "Today you hear the the term social media referring to a collection of constantly updating communication vehicles that create a dialog among people who are talking about topics of shared interest.

“They’re not only chatting,” “They’re also collaborating, organizing, making decisions and managing various efforts.”

This is where the web is gong- this is where advertisers are going. Redirecting billions into what they call “Word of Mouth” marketing.

The Internet is the most powerful communication tool ever invented by man. At this site, possibly millions of past customers can share their experiences directly with each other and for the first time have the power to eliminate ALL outside forces. The day of feeling powerless is over. Corporate powers can no longer muzzle unsatisfied customers.

This is the place to tell the whole world of YOUR experience and not have it filtered by the folks you are complaining about.

This site is a meeting place for customers to share their experiences. Unsafe conditions? Inadequate precautions? Customers in peril? Service not rendered?

You are free to speak your mind but we request that you keep your posts FACTUAL. Pros/cons and comments are also encouraged. Please refrain from "Unneeded" foul language. This board is uncensored so please do not abuse your right of free speech. Your post will have more impact if it is well thought out and contains your REAL name and your REAL email address.

If this site is used right it can be a lot more powerful than traditional methods."

Advised Schwartz, "First of all you must make a connection between the REAL world and cyberspace. For every net decision, obstacle or challenge there is a real world method that is tried and true. If you take the time to look for, see and understand the correlation between the net and past history in the real world not only will you avoid many pitfalls but you will greatly enhance your chances of success. Most people leap and then analyze. Try doing the reverse by taking the time to analyze and then leap. Remember the answer is already there. It's just depends if you are willing to invest the time to finding it or repeatedly falling on your face with no gain and nothing to show for your efforts. Like I say….work smarter…..NOT harder.

In the real world the first thing you might do is find a location for your business. In cyberspace Your "Location" is called your "Domain name". THIS will be your single most important decision and at this stage of the game you have 2 choices. Either FIND a great domain that is still unclaimed or invest in a proven domain that already receives traffic via "Type ins to the browser bar. Think of it this way: In the real world you would have to get a location, do renovations, furnish it, pay deposits for electric, phone, trash collection etc. Pay first and last months rent, get an alarm system, etc, etc, etc. SO….INSTEAD of being "Cheap", take that same money that you would have PISSED away in the REAL world and give yourself the running start that you deserve. I understand that most of you probably don't have this luxury. That only means you will have to work smarter and harder to get to the same point and that is ALSO easily accomplished if you do things the RIGHT way.

Remember if all the ingredients you use are right…..your result has a GREAT chance to be right as well.

The best way to get a running start is to pick a domain that receives traffic simply because of the address. This is nothing more than securing a pizza stand on the "Boardwalk" and not some desolate area. The boardwalk location will do business no matter how good or bad his pizza might be cuz of the "Built-in" traffic.

Next and equally important is to work hard but BE PATIENT! Consistency counts and the best way to be consistent is set yourself an obtainable DAILY goal. ALWAYS look at the "End game" and where you would like to be in a YEAR simply by implementing your daily goal. Your biggest job is getting the BEST and most TARGETED "Sex hits" that you can. Quantity is irrelevant and quality is king."

And now as one player sees what the other is doing, word is out and we can only expect as mass influx of power and money to what has for years been the greatest untapped opportunity known to man... and.. flying totally under the radar.

Bring it on!

About The Author: Owen Frager is an Internet marketing expert ready to help take your company to the next level.

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