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Monday, May 02, 2011

Future Media Architects, Inc. ( announces the launch of

FMA launches Arab political forum

Future Media Architects .Inc (, a company specialising in the building of websites and portals has announced the launch of A political forum dedicated to the current affairs of the Arab region. FMA’s launch of comes in recognition of the power of the new citizen journalist generation. With a portfolio of over 120,000 domain names, FMA is considered one of the largest and most prolific domain name owners in the world, worth over €2.1bn ($3.0bn) is dedicated to the freedom of speech and the diversity of voices that make up the heterogeneous region of the Middle East and North Africa. The site aims to be a free space to publish stories and observations by the peoples of the region as well as those knowledgeable and interested in the region and current affairs enthusiasts in promotion of objective dialog and fostering of understanding amongst participants and members. invites the public, academics, the third sector, citizen journalists and professionals around the world to engage on the site and make it their home.
Thunayan Khalid AL-Ghanim, aka ELEQUA, a 40 year old Kuwaiti internet pioneer and HOUSE music impresario is the Founder and CEO of Future Media Architects, Inc. Known as the world’s most prolific “domain artist”, he is the creative and innovative force behind FMA.

Mr AL-Ghanim stated: “we are delighted to launch and offer a pluralistic open platform to an array of professional journalists, citizen journalists, bloggers, tweeps, students, NGOs and anyone from the general public who aspires to contribute to writing a new Arab world narrative. We aim to offer a wide spectrum of information and opinions that will enable our visitors and users to find comprehensive information on the MENA region in one place and that in turn will help them formulate the knowledge about things that interest them”.

Amongst FMA’s exclusive portfolio are:,,,, Music.TV,, i.Net,,,,, and thousands more.

Also launching soon a number of prime websites: ; ;; ; , www.DJ.NE, ,,, and many more

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